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5/3/1 on Cycle?


Would 5/3/1 be good for on-cycle? I have read mixed opinions such as it is not ideal because it is slow progression and there is a lack of volume. However, Jim himself has stated in an interview that training while on should be the same as while off.


No one trains the same while on as they do while off. Powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongmen. No one.

If you are at the point where it is appropriate to use steroids you should for sure know which type of training works best for you.

You can always stay in the gym longer. Jim Wendler is not going to come to your house and give you a spanking if you decide to tweak his cashcow a little bit.


I feel like more volume is needed while on, would you tweak the routine as to add more volume to the main lift (eg. more than 1 max set) itself or just to the accessory lifts?


I typically add about 25-30% more volume while on.

I dont know how to alter 5/3/1. I dont train that way.


In one of the "Blood and Chalk" articles on this site, Wendler gives a good outline to tweak 5-3-1 for bodybuilding purposes...the basics are still there (emphasize the main lift to get strong) but the accessory work is geared more for what pure bodybuilders are used to...

I think the article came out less than a year ago, so was probably #6, 7, or 8...somewhere through there...that template looks like a good change for on cycle if you are used to the standard 5-3-1 with Trimuverate or whatever...


I'd say yes its great. If you pick the boring but big assistance work that should give you plenty of volume. You can always add more volume in the form of other assistance work on top of it. Its a good program. I'd personally just do the regular program for a few weeks and if that doesn't kick your ass then throw in the extras.



I found that whilst on 750mg test a week BBB worked fine and four workouts a week were sufficient with all that volume; occasionally, but not always I would manage an extra workout or two a week but they were generally CV, flexibility and mobility.


Thank you for the replies, I been doing 5/3/1 BBB for the past 2 months and now that I'm on I was wondering if I should continue since with this cycle my main goal is lean mass gain so I thought a different routine might be more beneficial