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5/3/1 OHP Replacement


I need advice. Going to break down and do the 5/3/1.....My challenge is I work on a drilling rig, we have a great gym but our ceilings are to low to do OHP. So for the 2 weeks I'm out here that is out(2 weeks at home no problem I will incorporate it) What should I do to replace it? Sitting OHP? And no, I'm not quitting my job.


We should make this a sticky or require people to quickly browse the book I wrote.

"If you can't bench or press, choose any full range pressing movement."


Thanks for the response. I've read a few of your articles and you have already unbrainwashed me....been stuck in a rut for a couple of years not seeing any real gains following traditional hypertrophy programming. I was only vaguely aware of a book, I will order it(Don't like PDF so going to order from Amazon). I assume I use the same percentage for loads based on 90% of 1rm for my sitting OHP?


I've done incline press and close-grip bench as main movements with the 5/3/1 progression scheme.


Not sure but couldn't you do OHP on your knees since the ceiling is too low? Maybe a dumb idea, if it is I'm sure someone will tell me.


[quote]pzimmerman1 wrote:
Not sure but couldn’t you do OHP on your knees since the ceiling is too low? Maybe a dumb idea, if it is I’m sure someone will tell me.[/quote]

in my experience, and I have a similar situation in my home gym as the OP - ceilings too low for the press, on your knees would be a back killer. You aren’t going to get as stable a base as being on your feet. I never actually tried it though, but considered it and thought it wasn’t worth trying.

I substituted the OHP with the Z-press, which is sitting on the floor with your legs spread. I have also found that if I sit facing into my rack, I can brace my feet against the lower cross member and that allows me to push against the rack and stabilize my midsection more.


I like that idea…will give it a try on my next hitch.