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5/3/1 (Not The Guy Work Off 100% of My Max)

  1. Jim...you are the man. I hope you're making some money on your book cause it's truly helping a lot of people.
    1. What do you (or others following the program) think about doing the presses and deadlifts on the same day? I'm forced to do three days a week. I'm doing BBB so it looks like this...

Mon- Bench
Wed- Press/DL
Fri- Squat



The solution listed in the book is to do Mon, Wed, Fri, Mon. I've been using the 3 days/week template for over a year.

I only double up when I know I'm going to miss a day due to traveling and for a while I was traveling so much for work I followed the 2 days/week format - Mon, Thur, Mon, Thur.


There's more than one way to skin a cat. I've been doing 3 days per week for 11 cycles now and my split is:
M - Squat and press
W - Bench
F - Deadlifts

Neither press nor deadlift has had to reset and has continued to get stronger.


What kind of gains have you guys seen in/around a year of doing 5/3/1?


This is all January '10 to August '10 when I was training consistently

OHP - 160x5 to 195x5

squat - 365x6 to 365x11

bench - 230x5 to 285x5

deadlift - 385x8 to 465x8

I've been back at it since December, but it wouldn't be a fair comparison since I'm trying to get leaner.


As someone with a proportionately weak deadlift, I'm thinking more and more about moving to 5/3/1 (or Jugg Method) due to how the deadlift responds to low to med/high intensity volume. Of course it depends on the lifter, but more often than not I see people getting huge deadlift gains from this type of training, more so than the other lifts.


I haven't met anyone who has followed 5/3/1 as written and not experienced a significant improvement. Follow it as written...start light and commit.


Unfortunately, I have. But this guy fucks everything up. Sadly enough, he's studying for CSCS certification right now. He's quite self-oblivious.


  1. Glad to help!
  2. You can do this - I don't see it as a big deal as long as the integrity of the program stays intact. Remember that the original 3 day template is probaby the best there is though. Just hard for people to not do EVERYTHING in a week's time.


I have combined squat and deadlift days. I squat first and feel much better deadlifting and have been hitting PRs with DL. I havn't tried deadlifting first. I don't have much juice left for accessory work though.

When I have more time I will go back to the 4 day split.