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5/3/1 - Next Program Question


THE QUESTION: Which 5/3/1 template should I use as my focus shifts toward hill sprints, weight vest walking, fat loss, etc for the the next eight weeks? I used FSL for the first six weeks after resetting my max.

GOALS: increase endurance, drop some body fat (below explains why)

I was thinking of using 5’s Pro since I’m mainly interested in maintaining strength. It might also keep me from overdoing it as I will be doing more challenge-type stuff with prowler and jump rope.

The TL;DR Back Story:

I have one more week of my current program - FSL for the four lifts. When I started, I reset my TM back down to the highest weight at which I had proven I could get five good sets. I’m setting PR’s, starting to feel strong again instead of feeling like I’m doing too much. Can’t recommend doing this enough. It makes you hungry, too (figuratively and literally), because you want to get back to those higher numbers!

Now, I’m about eight weeks out from my annual Spring camping/hiking trip. Normally, I run hills once a week, use the prowler once a week, and do challenges (medicine ball slams, sprints, jump rope) while doing whatever 531 program I’m on. In the past, I’ve only moved away from 531 right before this trip.

Before this trip, I usually try to drop about 10 pounds and get in excellent condition. I’ve done it for almost a decade, so I know what I’m doing on the conditioning/weight loss side of it.

This year, I want to keep doing 5/3/1 and lifting heavy, but I want to choose a smart program.


5’s Pro, usual assistance.