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5/3/1 Month Planification

Hi, I followed Jim’s recommandations. I am on the cycle 2 of original boring but big with PR set.
Does this plan look good?
After my 2 Cycle of BBB, I will do…
7 week deload
5.3.1 pr set. First last set 5x5. 1cycle
7 week deload
FOREVEVER. BBB. 2 cycles
7 week deload
5.3.1. Pr set. First set last 5x5. 1 cycle
7 wk deload
Forever BBB. 2 Cycles…

Depends on your TM. If you want to use forever BBB make sure your tm is solid, otherwise you may have a bad time.

Other than that, the bbb and pr fsl looks solid, I’d only do a tm test before every new leader nstead of the 7th deload, so

Bbb, leader 1, bbb leader 2, 7th week deload, 531 pr sets and fsl anchor, 7th week tm test.