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5/3/1: Miss PR Deadlift Week 2 & 3


I really like 5/3/1 but I pretty much always miss 90% for 3+ reps and 95% for 1+ reps, this only happens on Deadlift though. This cycle I added an 80% week before week 1 85% and a 75% week before the 80%, this was to make my deadlift training back in sync with my 5/3/1 Squat training after a failed run with the Coan/Phillipi DL routine. Week 1 85% I got 5 reps I felt like I could have done atleast one more, but I didn't just in case going to heavy on week 1 had something to do with missing the pr on week 2&3. It didn't help since on week 2 90% of DL didn't leave the floor, after 80% seemed easy enough. I don't get it at all, I hope you guys can help. I pull with a wide stance which is easier for me, but after missing a pr I feel stronger bringing my feet in a little if that helps any.


You're pulling 95% of 90% of your DL 1RM, right? If you 'really like' 5/3/1 I assume you know about working maxes, if so, it's most likely related to something else: excess conditioning, poor recovery, etc.

Also I would dissuade you from adding additional weeks for any reason. Just do it as written.


Looks to me like you missed the part about using 90% of your max as a training max, or you have done enough cycles that the weight has caught up with you. Either way, you need to step back.

For instance, my DL 1RM estimate is 512. 90% of that is 460, which I use for my training max. On the 1+ set, I use 95% of 460, which is 440. Ends up really being about 86% of your max to start off. Also you might note, if you consistently miss 95% of your max, you probly overshot. And obviously if you change your stance, you are very likely changing your max.

Don't be afraid to start too light. You should be getting your 3+ sets for a good 5-8 or even more, and your 1+ sets for 3-5 or more, to start.


Find a weight you can deadlift for 10 reps, then divide that weight by 0.85 (divide not multiply), use that new number as your training max for your next DL cycle so when you calculate 85% for week 1 it comes out to be exactly the number you can rep 10 times.


The 5/3/1 book tells you what to do.


Ya, this doesn't make any sense.... how can you miss 95 % of 90% of your max - 95 % of 90% is 85% of your true max. If you have done enough cycles and are at the point where you can't hit the prescribed reps than you need to re-set your maxes. This is simple stuff.


and if your not getting many cycles in before you stall than you need to be starting with lighter maxes. I'm on cycle 6 and just now starting to fight for the prescribed reps. I will probably re-set for next cycle.

For me (and I think most others) when I start a cycle it looks like this -

week 1 - hit 7-10 reps on last set
week 2 - hit 5-8 reps on last set
week 3 - hit 3-5 reps on last set


Well either way, he said 90% of his DL didn't leave the floor - whether he's using the actual 90% of his max or the 5/3/1 90% of 90%, he should be able to lift it at least once...


I've been doing 5/3/1 since February and I've been basing it off my 1RM, not 90%, thanks sounds like thats the problem. I don't have the book though, and won't have extra money to buy it anytime soon. After my meet in August I'll start basing training off 90%, ironically that is what I was going to do after my next comp any way.


Start here: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/how_to_build_pure_strength

There are also several 5/3/1 Q and A threads with Wendler himself on this site.


Hey Fisher,

Wendler gave me a free copy of 5/3/1 so it's time for me to pay it forward. Send me a PM with your info and I'll get you a copy.


Thank you HARA, I appreciate it alot. A PM will be sent right away.


Hey, wait--I paid the full price for the book. Can you just send me twenty bucks?


That makes much more sense.

By 'paying it forward', HARA is actually screwing Jim (the guy who gave him the free book) out of whatever royalty he would recieve when the OP purchaed the book properly.


I thought this was simple, let me explain....Jim sent me a free copy months ago...today, I ordered (read payed $20 here) a copy from elite and gave it to Fisher.

Hara has copy Jim gave him

Fisher has copy Hara purchased for him

Jim makes his money

Fisher should do the same for somebody else who is strapped for cash when he has the cash.