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5/3/1 Method

I’m doing westside now and doing the 5/3/1 cycle (5RM first week, 3RD 2nd, 1RM 3rd week)…My question here is it says to do 90% x 3 reps. Then it stops. I’m guessing that my ME movenment is done right after I do the 90% for 3 reps? Cause I’m doing 3 reps at 90%…I’m just doing all 3 reps at once, and not one rep, rest, one rep, rest etc etc…So am I doing this right, I think I am but I wanna make sure I’m doin it right


What that means is that for your 1RM Max Effort day, you want to get in atleast 3 reps above 90%. So build up to 90%, do a single, get another single at 95% and shoot for a 100% single. For you 3RM and 5RM you do the same thing only with a different number of reps and with obviously lighter weight.