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5/3/1 Meet Prep

I competed single ply for a few years, dropped out and only lifted sporadically for about 9 years. Child rearing is not as time consuming now so I decided to start competing again about 5 months ago.

Most of my training was conjugate training during my earlier “career” and when I started back this year that’s what I did. Last month I started basic 5/3/1 and really enjoyed it.
I’ve got 7 weeks until my first meet. I’m competing raw and at 50 I’ve found that I can do MWF for about 3 weeks, do a M/W/F/Sun/Tu/Th/Sat/ and then back to MWF, and that’s about as much as I can tolerate.

A few questions: In 5/3/1 for powerlifting Meet prep week 3 recommends 5/3/1 - Does this refer to just doing the minimum reps at those recommended training max percentages in basic 5/3/1? So this would mean that during the last 4 minicycles before a meet you don’t take any weights over a single at 85% of your meet goals?
What would you recommend considering I probably have a maximum 26 workouts before the day of the meet?