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5/3/1 Main Lifts and Supersets?


Hello guys

Got this question about supersets.

My current program is this:

3 Days a week training
TM 90%
Main Work is 5s Progression
BBB with 50% 5x10

Bench 5s
Bench BBB
Row movement

Squats 5s
Squats BBB
Abs movement

OHP 5s

Deadlifts 5s
Deadlifts BBB
Abs movement

In the Boring But Big blog, Jims mentioning you can do some lat work between your BBB pressing work.

Now the question is; can you do it also between your main pressing? Maybe both?
What about your lower movements? i thinking on doing also supersets on them but with opposite movements.

Deadlift 5s with pushups (or upper movement)
or Deadlifts BBB with with pushups (or upper movement)
or both

Is this also possible with Upper movements?

Bench 5s with leg movement
or Bench BBB with leg movement
or both

The thing is, i try to cut down time and raise my overall movement and heartrate throughout my workouts.

Is this a good idea? If not how could i impelement more supersets, but still keeping the 5/3/1?

PS: my anchor template is not yet set, but tending to go with 5/3/1 for Bodybuilding but doing also supersets (only on supp. lifts and accessory lifts)

Thx for you time


Mine is quite similar to yours but I dont like to be distracted when doing the main sets with supersets. Once you have done the main sets, feel free to superset your BBB sets. I guess it also depends on your goals


Just do the Krypteia program. Has everything you want and works insanely well if you do it properly.


How the hell did i missed the Krypteia in the book? This is exactly what i need. The only issue is i don’t have dumbbells, neither a second barbell.

I will do the SLDLs with my EZ Bar and the DB Squat with my cable machine. (Cable Goblet Squat)

THX for the hint Jim.


Where can i add abs work? Or maybe some direct arm work, (i don’t think i need add. arm work tho)


If you’re doing Krypteia, follow the part where it says to choose specific assistance (db rows/chins and dips/db bench only). It’s set out that way for a reason, your abs and arms will be fine with the work they get from the program. There’s plenty of other 5/3/1 programs if you need more variety.


“Where can i add abs work? Or maybe some direct arm work, (i don’t think i need add. arm work tho)”

I’m curious how many cycles of Krypteia you have run? 2 or 3?