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5/3/1 Log. Going down fighting!


I’ve really got to get a hip belt or a length of chain like alpha uses. Belt squats look like pure money for the quads without loading the back.


Yeah they are awesome.
I used a thick chain (only ever used it for pulling motors out of cars) a pool noodle and some duct tape. Shit I had laying around, haha.


Very Cool with a belt squat. Can you post a picture of it and the way it attaches?.

I´m looking forward to when 3 x 175 kg feels easy again.
Been decades since I have been up there.


Strong lifts man! I just started doing 531 as well. Will be following!


Will do mate when I’m back at home tomorrow


Thanks mate :+1:


want to see the pic’s too. Sounds like a good exercise.


Walked 3km this morning. Did stuff all yesterday, drove back from the old dears after a shit night’s sleep and a few too many cider’s!!!.

DB Press
12.5kg each x10
25kg each x 10
30kg each x 10
35kg each x 10
Haven’t done these in years, I forgot how good they are

BW x5
+10kg x5
+20kg x5
+30kg x5
+20kg x5
+10kg x5

Close Grip Bench
60kg x10
70kg x10
80kg x10
60kg x10

Decline DB Fly
15kg each x10x10x10

Decline Tried Extension
20kg plate x15x15x15

Band Pulldowns
2 bands x 12x12x12x12 slow, hold and stretch

Standing Band ab crunch things to finish