5,3,1 Log & Diet (Newbie)

Hi everyone. I’ve been lurking for a while and trying to do my “own thing” like I think most guys do. I feel that it’s time to start a training program that didn’t fall out of my own ass.
Here’s my shit.

5’8" 165 lbs

Tuesday - OH Press (max 135), 2 sets dips & pullups

Thursday- Deadlifts (“max” 270), 2 sets of Supermans, 2 road sprints (120meters?)

Friday- Bench Press (max 180), 2 sets of body weight rows, ab wheel rollouts

Sunday- Squats (“max” 250), 2 sets of burpees, 2 road sprints

I know my numbers aren’t that great. But it was suggested that the weights should start off at a doable number. Not something way out there. And in my case, a 400 lbs. deadlift and 300 lbs. squat may be achievable but I’m at risk if I try for it at this point in my training.

But I know that if I stick to this, I’ll get there. Adding 10 lbs of weight to the major lifts and 5 lbs of weight to bench press every month may not seem like much at first but I know it’ll add up. Eventually I’ll see the weight being added on to me.

This is something I want to do for myself. I have a before pic but I’m shy of posting it. I’m whimpy… I used to be really into fitness and exercise but I somehow fell off the wagon, started smoking and hanging out with the wrong sort of people.

I’ve included the road sprints in my workouts to keep fat at bay. (Won’t be sprinting in the de-loading week though)

ANY tips or clues to what I should be eating daily would be much appreciated. Any links or anything… Seriously. I’ve never dieted before in my life. Never needed to.

So far,

2 eggs w. Oatmeal

Protein bar or a granola bar covered with almond butter,

Chicken Salad with Walnuts almonds and dressing (non workout day)

Lunch before a workout would be chicken and rice or something along those lines.


Post workout shake *

Supper- Grilled chicken, steak, ground beef, kebabs, lots of veggies such as broccoli and onions (trying to avoid fried shit)

Bedtime snack- few spoons of almond butter or some pistachio nuts to snack on.

Supplements- Multi-V, Cayenne, Reshi Mushroom (Which makes me feel amazing btw.), fish oils O3’s usually take about 4-6 caps daily.

Grow! Whey, Micronized German Creatine.

Workouts have been going great.
Hit all of the numbers I was supposed to hit this week so far on the 5,3,1 program. Squats are tomorrow.
It’s unfortunate that I pulled a leg muscle running with my nephew today.
He told me to show him how fast I was.

At 21 years of age I guess I’m finally at that point to where I don’t have the malleability that a 9 year old has.
Also… Ab wheel rollouts sucked. I used to be able to do about 15 or so standing. Now I can only do one.
So I did 20 more on my knees like a bitch. But I’m definitely feeling DOMS all over my stomach and chest today.


Diet! I forgot diet. Diet has been so so. I had fried chicken strips one night but it was a training day and I was out with some friends so I splurged. Other wise, I’ve been eating oats and eggs for breakfast, something with carbs before work. A protein bar at work while I work.
Eat a salad on my break. Coming home, drinking a pre workout juice and creatine. Working out, and eating a good supper with not too many carbs. And then eating a low carb snack before bed, like almonds and peanuts.