5/3/1 Lindow

Background info:
Age: 18
training age: 3 years of playing around.
Weight: 84kg
Height: 185cm

Best lifts:
Deadlift: 190kg
Benchpress: 112.5kg
Squat: 150kg parallel
clean and jerk: 117kg
snatch: 87.5kg
military press: 67.5 kg.

However I havent trained in awhile so here is the numbers I tested last week:

benchpress: 95kg…
squat: 130kg atg, was a bad day so I am good for more, starting here.
military press: starting at 60kg.
deadlift: 145kg, good for alot more, but I’ll do the deadlifts without rounding my back.

Month 1 Week 1 Day 1
Bench press:
55kg x5
65kg x5
72.5kg x13 (+8)

BBB Bench
60kg x10
60kg x8
50kg x10
45kg x10
40kg x10

Lieing Row variation
50kg x10
60kg x10
50kg x10
50kg x10
50kg x10

Deadlifts tomorrow.

50kg x5
80kg x5
95kg x5
107.5kg x12 - aparently it should have been 110. I could have done a few more prob. but these all had good speed and 0 back rounding.

BBB Deadlift:
70kg x10
70kg x10
70kg x10
70kg x10
70kg x10
Gonna add 5kg next week.

Dumbell rows:
25kg x10
25kg x10
25kg x10
25kg x10
25kg x10
adding 5kg next week.

Going double overhand grip on deadlifts, no belt. 117.5kg next week on deadlifts, aiming for 12+ hopefully I wont round my back. (I did 20rep deadlifts before so I got to beat 125kg x20.

REST today.

So far the BBB work has kicked my ass.
Chest - mild
triceps - insane
upper back - high
hams - medium
Ass - mild

Hopefully I will be able to do my presses tomorrow recovered.

Still sore just about evrywhere, military press today, hopefully I’ll be able to get 13-15 reps despite my sorness.

Still sore from earlier days.

Military press:
35kg x5
40kg x5
45kg x11 wanted more reps

BBB work:
30kg x10
30kg x10
30kg x10
30kg x10
30kg x10

This was realy hard.

Ez bicep curls:
30kg x10
30kg x10
30kg x10

oh god my biceps is weak.

After this I did some stretching, squats etc as a last resort to get rid of my sorness in my hams.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get atleast 10 reps in the squat aswell.