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5/3/1 Lifts are Not in Sync

Hi guys, I’m currently running the standard 5/3/1 program, BBB assistance and have completed one cycle. I’m doing cycle 2 now but my 4 lifts are not in sync, meaning I’m at Week 2 (3s Week) for my Press, Deadlift and Bench but at Week 1 (5s week for my squats)

This happened because on week one of my second cycle I had bad knee pain and couldnt squat. So in week one I only did the press deadlift and bench, leaving my squat behind by one week.

I don’t really see a potential problem with this but is there a way I could get the lifts to sync back up? Because I find it annoying that from now on my squat will always be one week behind and when I deload I would like to deload all my lifts together. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Maybe just deload the bench, press and DL twice in a row?

Just do an extra workout one week and condense the rest or something. For example if you normally do bench, deadlift, OHP then squat and are behind a squat workout try; Monday squat, Tuesday bench, Wednesday deadlift, Thursday OHP, Saturday squat then Monday you can bench again and you’re caught up. Obviously it’ll be a little harder that week because you’re doing an extra workout but you can just cut back on assistance a bit.

Just do an extra workout on one week - this is a very, very, very, very simple problem with an even simpler solution.