5/3/1 Krypteia Without Supersets

Hi all,

I’ve been following the Krypteia program for about 2 weeks (finishing up the 1st cycle) now and I love every part of the program!! However my gym has some problems with me super setting the main lift with the accessory lift (I guess they don’t like me super setting and occupying both the DBs and squat rack/bench).

Should I just do the main lift first and then do the accessory lifts after (as long as I finish the workout within 45mins)? Let me know if there’s anything I can do or any advice you guys have!


Well, this option would certainly be fine but you’d then be doing a typical 531 BBB program and not Krypteia. The super-setting of specific movements with the main lift is exactly what makes the program unique from other 531 programs.

I have done Krypteia in a busy gym. I just bring the dumb bells with me on the squat rack or beside the bench.

Thanks for your reply!

Ah that’s true…

I actually did this today but my gym didn’t allow it and told me to do one at a time.

In a perfect world, you have two options:

You can:

  1. Alter the program, or
  2. Find a different gym.

Since we’re not in a perfect world, if you want to run the program as it was intended, you have one option:

Get out of whatever shithole you’re actively supporting with membership fees that doesn’t allow you to do a fucking superset.


Seriously. I’d just continue to do the program and let them tell me it’s not allowed until they threaten to revoke my membership. That’d be a great way of getting out of any agreement with them.


You can do it like that but it’s not even close to the program. The entire program is based on supersets, keeping a good pace and mixing explosive lifting and “strength/size” assistance work.
This program is very specific and should always be done “as is.”

I have personally witnessed and coached over 100 people with this program and can say, when done correctly (and eating, etc.), the results are astounding.


find a better gym.


Thank you for your reply! I appreciate it. I will continue to follow your program as is!