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5/3/1 Krypteia 5s Pro Help

Just got my 5/3/1 forever book in the mail and I’m excited to start the Krypteia program but I’m a little confused on 5s progression, I can’t seem to find an actual definition of it laid out anywhere. I think I get it but I don’t want to begin until I’m sure because I’ve seen multiple templates that each seem slightly different. Can anyone explain it Barney style for me?

Also part 1 is 2 cycles, is a “cycle” still 4 weeks? Or 6? And how does 5s pro work in a cycle?

5s Pro is taking what would be your five, three, one rep weeks, and doing five reps across the board. No 5/3/1…it’s 5/5/5.

65x5 75x5 85x5
70x5 80x5 90x5
75x5 85x5 95x5

No PR sets.
TM at about 85% or a strong 5RM.

As always one cycle is 3 weeks.
So 2 cycles (6 weeks) after the first cycle (first 3 weeks) increase TM by 5 - 10 pounds
then 1 week Deload
Next Phase

It should all be explained in the books. Personally I do not have the Forever book, but the OG and Beyond.
Can’t really help with the phases of Krypteia. I know the principles but haven’t run it.
Good luck, it’s a beast as far as I have heard. The first phase is fine, but then it kicks in :slight_smile:

Ah okay thanks for the quick responses I get it now! I’ll be starting a 17 week thread this Monday of the krypteia with current stats and keeping it 100% by the book.