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5/3/1 Krypteia 17 Week Program Log

Tomorrow I start the Krypteia program found in Jim Wendlers new book, “5/3/1 Forever”

-Stats: age-26/ht-5’10"/wt-190lbs/bf%-15±
-85% starting tm: Squat345lbs/bench205lbs/Deadlift345lbs/press125lbs
-Occupation: Army/Infantry-6.5yrs
-Lifting experience: 6yrs ±
-Diet: 3000cals±, Anabolic diet to start, I had great results while doing a 12 week squat everyday program with no energy issues. If need be, I’ll begin to add carbs and note when and how many in my Sunday posts. (My experiences have shown I do much better with high fat than I do with clean carbs no matter what I’ve tried. I’m no diet expert so I’m sticking to what works for me till it doesn’t work anymore.)
-Supplements:protein, creatine, fish oil, Sarms stack weeks 4-16 (rad140/gw/s4)
-Goals: increase strength/endurance in prep for Ranger school

I’ll keep the program as close as possible to the way it’s presented in the book, only tweaking if absolutely necessary. (I’ll still be doing 60-80mins of morning pt and training, which might hinder my afternoon workouts)

Also, I won’t lay out the workout exactly out of respect to Jim Wendler, it’s a cheap book for all that it offers, I recommend picking up a copy.

Finally, I’ll update every Sunday, noting the level of difficulty I personally experienced, any changes I had to make, how I feel, etc.

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Day 1-Shoulders 5pro w/front squat&goodmornings
This was the hardest day of the week, probably because I used the weight of the shoulder press bar for my accessory lifts and it was a lot of leg work.
Managed to keep the workout to about 40mins.

Day 2-squats 5pro w/dips&chinups
Hamstrings were super sore and tight from the previous workout, made squatting to parallel difficult and ended up having to drop my 85% to 75%.
Workout was still around the 40min mark.

Day 3-Bench press 5pro w/db split squats&db stiff leg deadlifts
I didn’t exactly have the coordination to do split squats correctly I think, even with light weight I was wobbling and feeling it more in my hamstrings especially between stiff leg dl’s.

Day 4-Deadlifts w/db incline bench&incline rows
This left my traps pretty wrecked the next day.
Not used to so many deadlifts in a day, hamstrings feel a lot better by the end of the week though.
Finished this in about 35mins.

Workout changes-I’m going to switch out one leg exercise each day for an ab/core exercise this week and see how that feels. Also I think I can take a few more seconds between sets and pace a little better.

Diet changes-my idea of having no carbs during the week went out the window about 15mins into my first workout. I ended up stuffin my face with everything and anything I could all week. I bought groceries and this next week will be lots of protein veggies and clean carbs around my workout time. But trying to do this workout on a caloric deficit will be near impossible I think.

Supplement changes- originally I was going to wait a week to take my SARMS cycle, but I began it Monday instead. The only difference is that I cut out RAD-140 and am taking S4@50mg a day and Cardarine @20mg a day. Also I’m taking 5g creatine monohydrate, 10g fish oil, and my scoop of protein a day.

Overall, this is a pretty challenging workout but I’m really excited to see how my body changes in 4 months. It’s a great blend of endurance and strength, and I haven’t woken up this sore in a long time.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know just leave a reply.

Will check up on this occasionally. Going to start this program myself next week. Any reason you abandoned the goblet squats and DBSL DL?

I’ll keep it updated weekly! It’s intense and humbling for sure. I did the db stiff leg deadlifts on day three, but I used db split squats instead of goblet squats because I thought I’d get more out of it. But my form wasn’t the best on them so I’m going to spend the first couple of weeks rotating through accessory lifts till I find a good flow. This week I’ll be taking one leg accessory out of day 1&3, and adding in ab rollers and hanging knee raises.

You’re stats are pretty similar to mine. Your squat is considerably higher than mine. Our benches are about the same, but I’m using a swissbar for this program, but my TM will be a bit lower. Your DL is a bit higher, but I’m going to be using a trap bar instead. I’m excited to post and compare progress.

I’ve practiced goblet squats about two or three times now just for this program and they’re not so bad. I’ve done 10 reps using a 70lb KB and it felt easy. I plan on starting with 80lbs, and if I can, push it to 90-100lbs in the later cycles, I’ll do that. I feel the same way about the split squats. Considering single leg work is so necessary for athletes, I’m surprised that wasn’t the exercise chosen.

Any update?

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Sorry about the delay! I was out of the country for some training the last few weeks but still managed to workout.
I’ll do both weeks at once to sum it up, it’s pretty consistent🤘🏻
Week 2/3
Day 1-Shoulders 5s pro w/front squats&changing knee raises
-This went well, I think the SARMS kicked in and made my muscular endurance a little better. It gave my hamstrings a break and I got to hit my core a little more. Also my equipment was limited to a rack and a bar. Only problem is that changing the exercises doesn’t allow for an increase in weight week to week.

Day 2-Back squats 5s pro w/push-ups&inverted rows
-again this went well, increased weight appropriately but did a higher rep of body weight movements which I liked a lot more than the dips/chinups and even the db movements. Definitely will keep doing this weekly.

Day 3-bench press 5s pro w/bw Bulgarian split squats&ab roller
-this killllled. Even without dumbbells the split squats were difficult for sets of 20 per leg. And trying to hit 20 reps of ab rollers were painful, felt this for days both weeks, I loved it. I think I overuse my hamstrings on squat movements so I don’t mind putting more emphasis on my quads and core for now.

Day 4-deadlift 5s pro w/dips&chinups
Deadlifts were a lot easier these weeks from giving my hamstrings a break, weight went up nice and smooth. Dips and chinups were better than the db inclinepress and rows so I kept them as well, I hit about 10-12 per set so I can work on increasing reps then adding weight.

Sorry about the delay, I don’t want to be that guy. Training sprung up and figured I’d have signal but didn’t. This program doesn’t change much week to week though

This program doesn’t change much week to week though

It doesn’t, but I’m starting my log too, and I like to compare with other people of similar strength. Check my log out: 5/3/1 Krypteia Training Log kyle_eng

And while the main work and exercises don’t change, how much you push yourself and how your body adapts does change. I’m constantly thinking about, should I do more reps, or increase the weight? Jim really drives home on pushing the assistance work and not to change anything up, which is why I’m so strict on myself on this (which I normally wouldn’t be).

But, I did a search on Krypteia on the forums, and saw your post:

I’ll be starting a 17 week thread this Monday of the krypteia with current stats and keeping it 100% by the book.

What happened? I mean it’s not my training, but seeing as two of us are starting almost exactly the same time, similar age, we have similar numbers (with the exception of the squat, you blow me out of the water on that), and years of training, I think this would be super fun if we stuck to the program together.

And trying to hit 20 reps of ab rollers were painful

I’m not even sure how you manage to even do one set of 20, let alone 5 sets.

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You’re absolutely right consistency is key especially in these types of programs, and I want to stay as consistent as possible with the accessories. The problem I had was the inexperience with some of the exercises I think. I should have spent more time finding out which ones benefit me most instead of waiting to see. For instance, the amount of hamstring work from the main and assistance exercises the first week, on top of being in the military and training/doing morning cardio and pt, slaughtered me and i could barely lift the bar by the end of the week. Also I realized that I must have an imbalance in ham/quad useage in lower body exercises which is probably why my squat is so high. I use a low bar wide stance. But when I do quad specific exercises, I find myself weak and wobbly. So I took out the hamstring accessories to target single leg and core harder to catch up. I like where I’m at now and going into week 4 I think I’m going to continue to repeat week 2-3 accessories because I felt them most, I benefit from those movements most for my job, and they are in the list of approved exercises. As for the ab wheel, it’s my favorite core exercise and I’ve been doing it for years on and off haha. Really feel the burn. But having someone to stay steady with will definitely help me stay on track and not drift off. Goodluck to both of us :metal:t2::metal:t2:

But…if after the first week you decide to stick to that main template in the book, I’ll switch back and we can stay consistant lol try to match weight and reps the whole program. I don’t mind repeating a week either so we are on the same level

Gotcha. Yes I plan on doing it exactly as planned. The main lifts are all pretty easy, by themselves, with the exception of the last week. How hard the program is, is based on how hard you choose to push the assistance. I know I can do my last bench set, but what if I’m panting from all the SLDL? That is the toughest movement for me by far.

And no need to repeat weeks. We’ll just compare from week to week. I think I have a pretty good form in the squat that translates well to the goblet squat. Wide stance leaned over squats don’t do well with weight pulling you forward. That might be the only exercise I can possibly trump you in weight. I uploaded a video of me on my bench day if you feel like checking it out, to check out the goblet squats and SLDL. We’re about even in pressing movements.

Any reason you didn’t do the program he recommended for people in service, police enforcement, etc?

Alright cool I can start taking videos of some lifts too and I’m always open to critiques. And yeah I found the high rep leg work definitely fatigues me and draws away from some of my final sets of upper body work. As for the goblet squat, I traded that for the barbell front squat which I use on my shoulder press days, the bar is about the weight I would use for a db, but with a small packed gym I have trouble hogging multiple pieces of equipment for 45mins. And sldl was beastly. Again, sprints/runs/heavy rucks every morning on top of these hamstring accessories was just gassing me out quick and making my end of week workouts suffer.

As for why I picked this program, I thought this was the athlete approved one haha I didn’t see one for service members. And in prep for ranger school I really want my muscular endurance increased so I thought it would be decent.

I’ll definitely hit up your log and I just realized I haven’t been putting up my weight numbers either so I’ll start that this week too

Haven’t seen any update in a while, friend! Are you still on this?

Honestly, this program seems a bit much with all the training that you have to do. I’m surprised you can still manage this. You have to be in really good shape, my dude.

Hey yeah sorry, Long weekend in Germany visiting a friend. And it is unfortunate, with training coming up randomly and my morning pt with my squad, sometimes interferes with my afternoon workouts. But here it goes.

Week 4 day 1
Shoulder press
5@55lbs (warmup)
5@75lbs (warmup)
Front squats 5x20,20,15,15,12@95lbs
Good mornings 5x20,15,12,12,10@95lbs
Face pulls 1x100
Tabata rower
-total time was 38mins not including warmup or rower.
-started the week out sick, some kind of head cold. Definitely made this workout more challenging, was sweating like a pig too. Good mornings are difficult at that weight, just trying to keep it convenient using like exercises for minimal equipment. I love the stretch I get from them too.

Week 4 day 2
Back squat
5@135lbs (warmup)
5@175lbs (warmup)

Chest dips 5x12@bodyweight
Chinups 5x10@bodyweight
1x100 full plate raises
Tabata rower
-total time was 44mins
-still felt like crap, stuffed nose made squatting and breathing hard. Didn’t get my chinups all in one set, broke it up with 2-3sec rests. Still no appetite but trying to eat enough
-did 2hrs of Bjj then went to bed

Week 4 day 3
Bench press
5@85lbs (warmup)
5@105lbs (warmup)

Db split squats 5x20 w/20lbs
Ab roller 5x20,15,15,12,10
1x100 rear delt fly @5lbs
-total time was 33mins
-workouted our at a friends house before thanksgiving dinner, didn’t have much weights but luckily I brought my ab roller haha. Abs are so sore. Still working on my leg stability and even 20lb dbs are difficult. Should have went up on bench but still feeling ill, so we messed around and did a bunch of reps at 135lbs after.

Week 4 day 4
5@135lbs (warmup)
5@175lbs (warmup)

Close grip pushups 5x20@bodyweight
Inverted rows 5x20@bodyweight
1x100 rear delt flyes

-total time was 42mins
-again workouted our at my friends house, equipment was limited. Couldn’t do incline and he only had 2 20lb dbs but my chest lats and arms were pretty sore the next day.
-didn’t add as much weight as I should have going into week 4, starting this week sick kind of put me at a handicap. But this is where I’m at currently and will progress from.
Overall, this program is good if you can stay consistent which unfortunately I can’t. I also regret changing the accessories so frequently although due to training and moving locations, and a packed gym, I had to. My diet isn’t very consistent either, not junk food but again it’s hard to eat regular when I’m gone randomly.
I’m going to start updating daily instead of weekly though. Today being Monday, tonight’s post will be week 5 day 1.

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Nice that you make do with that works. I feel fortunate that ever since I joined this new gym, I have simple luxuries like being able to use DBs or racks for an extended period of time.

Do you feel under recovered on some days due to the assistance work prior? I would pick assistance that would interfere as little as possible. Jim seemed to pick some good exercises. I’m not sure why the SLDL are in the program though, and I feel that does affect my back going into my deadlift session. My squats don’t seem much affected.

I would still try to give the goblet squats and SLDL a chance and hog those DBs. Chances are you’re going to be using such a heavy weight that most people won’t be using those DBs. Those that do probably won’t use it very long and I’m sure they can work in between.

For reference, I’m using a 95lb DB for my goblet squats and 90lb DBs for SLDL. With your squat, I can see you easily playing with 120lbs DBs. If your gym only has up to 100s, you can really up the reps on these, like you 've been doing.

Yeah the assistance was breaking me off especially all the hamstring stuff which is why I switched for the ab roller, my squats and dead’s were suffering. And I didn’t do db sldl because of the hogging and also my grip was trash from Bjj twice a week but maybe I’ll give it a go this week, after I buy some straps. Unfortunately I liked dips/Chins/push-ups and inverted rows but I’ll be doing a lot of that for pt everyday the next 6 weeks so I don’t see myself doing too much of them afternoon too. I think I’ll give the goblet squats a go today

Definitely invest in some straps… My (weak) grip started giving out around 80lb DBs. Using straps after that helped immensely, especially since the DBs always hit my thighs on the shrugs, and loosens my grip even more. Check out my log. Maybe you can look at some of the thoughts I had, and decide what might work for you.

EliteFTS is offering straps with any purchase I believe.

Monday week 5 day 1
Shoulder press
Goblet squats 5x10@95lbs
Db sldl 5x10@95lbs
Band pull aparts 1x100
Workout time:40mins

So…the shoulder press weight wasn’t bad, easier than I thought it was going to be especially at the 5x5.
Goblet squats for me were much harder than frain’t squatting the bar, mostly just fatiguing from holding the db in place.
The db sldl, those really sucked. Needed to get straps after the first set and couldn’t do more than 5 without having to stop, it was just a semi awkward movement for me. The slight twist and shrugging, definitely going to feel it tomorrow I’m sure. Again, I might have to substitute it for abs because the hamstring fatigue affect my back squats and deadlifts more than I’d like. But I’ll see how tomorrow feels.
Haven’t weighed myself yet but I feel leaner and my endurance has increased, especially during my morning pt.

mostly just fatiguing from holding the db in place.

Yes lol. And just racking it kind of sucks too.

The db sldl, those really sucked. Needed to get straps after the first set and couldn’t do more than 5 without having to stop, it was just a semi awkward movement for me. The slight twist and shrugging, definitely going to feel it tomorrow I’m sure.

It seems like we feel the same thing.

Glad to see you using the same movements. And yea again, I’m pretty surprised you can manage all of this. When I do this workout, I feel pretty pooped at the end.

Week 5 day 2
Back squats
Dips 5x15,15,15,12,12,12
Chinups 5x10
Band pull apart 1x100
Total time:39mins

Hokay so, hamstrings weren’t nearly as sore from the db sldl as they got from the barbell goodmornings, but regardless, any hamstring accessory definitely weaken my squat/deadlifts. I may stick to quad and core accessories for the remainder of the program.
Also, I may have missed those reps due to not using a belt. At this weight, I probably should have. I just don’t tend to use one for anything over 3 reps but I was pretty fatigued. Combined with getting about 2hrs of sleep because of an early morning. But dips and chinups went well, slowly trying to increase numbers. Still have to break my chinups into mini sets though.

Time to eat dinner, have about an hour till I go do bjj