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5/3/1 + Joker Set + FSL Swap?


I finished one cycle of 5/3/1 with joker sets and Fsl but i notice that i am too tired at the end of the workout. Can i swap the Fsl of the Squat day with Deadlift FSL and vice versa ? And the same for Bench day with Military ?
Example: Bench 5/3/1+ joker set + Military press 5x8 Fsl.


Maybe do the program as written?

Hint. It’s the jokers.


Search this forum for Wendler’s posts about “Leaders and Anchors”. Read about how Lower Intensity/Higher Volume leads to Higher Intensity/Lower Volume. And read his posts about how and when to properly use Joker Sets.

Hint: Jokers are definitely high intensity.


Military press 5x8? It if you just do 2 more reps per set that’s the BBB template, in fact I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with sets of 8 anyway. So to answer your question yes do that instead of what you have been doing, when you do the other lift don’t call it FSL though since that’s not what its called.

Also like some other have said don’t do joker sets all the time, do FSL or jokers on the main lift but not both together. I’ve been having success with doing FSL with just 1 AMRAP set.


Holy crap. I missed the 5x8…


The Fsl Template says 1 amrap set or 3-5 set of 5-8 reps so its not so strange. So i follow the second path with sets and reps. But i dont go every time with 5x8.
When i go for joker set i decrease one set of FSL so the sets after the main 5/3/1 are 5 fsl+joker.
I just wanna to know if there is any problem if i swap the exercises just as with the BBB for not to be so boring.


I would only do Jokers during the Anchor phase of program - this way you have a long term program that will allow you to get bigger and stronger and better.

Does that interest you?

If so, learn to program with Leaders and Anchors.


Thanks for the advice!! I will look into Leaders and Anchors program.