5/3/1 Inspired DC Template


Would appreciate your feedback on a 4-5 days 5/3/1 inspired DC template for a beginnner.

How would you setup the sets/reps scheme etc.

Thanks in advance

I would advise to also throw in the mix some starting strength, WS4SB 3 and a tad of HSS-100 Specialization, also don’t forget to do your foam rolling, prowler push and grip training.

Seriously, choose one, stick to it for 6 months to 1 year. You can’t do everything.

DC and beginner in the same sentence? No way.

Stick with 5/3/1. You can use some DC-style rest-pause on a few assistance exercises, but it’s not necessary…

There are several 5/3/1 assistance templates in my training thread, various frequencies etc… Have a look at those for inspiration.


If you read anything about DC you would already know it’s 3 day split – 4 if you’re advanced.

Do a 5x5 program.