5/3/1 In the Morning

Ive been lifting after work, but lately I have been finding that I am burned out at the end of the day and my exercising is taking a hit in quality and frequency. I am going to try lifting before going into work. Most of what I read on morning lifting states that one should warm up more an usual, but other than that everything else seems subjective. Jim, do you have any advice? Thanks

Not Jim, but are you eating enough? Some simple carbs like a pb&j or two an hour or so before your workout will go a long way.

Ahhhh I love the smell of 5/3/1 in the morning.

Eat something before you train.
Wake up 1.5 hours minimum before you train
Recovery and mobility work MUST be done the night prior.
Take hot shower or bath the morning you train.

Understand it may take time for your body to adjust. So you may have to cut out part of workout to account for extended warm-up. This is heresy to many but ONLY WAY you will have success. If you don’t do it correct, don’t do it at all.

have not tried mobility work the night prior. I am going to try it.

I do 5/3/1 in the morning. for 3 out of 4 lifts I am fine with. but I do have some problems with heavy deadlift and clean. so I shifted my dl day to evening after work.

squat is completely fine since I have got some PRS.

Hey mate, i’m up at 430 every training morning and have done so for nearly 4 years since my 1st kid was born. I did this because of work reasons and so i could come home to family straight from work. Strong pre workout or coffee and a peice of fruit then 5 min walk on treadmill, mobility/jumps/throws and straight into main lift. Make sure to get to bed early enough i usually get 7-8 hrs the key is making the hrs sleep consistent so your body gets used to it.

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I have read that pre-exhaust training is a good way to warm up for lifting in the morning. For instance, I did deadlifts today and didn’t warm up enough. I didn’t get injured but knew that Id have to be more careful next time (I thought a few sets prior would be sufficient). I was thinking about doing some good mornings before hitting the big lifts. I expect that this will affect my training maxes, so should I just leave my training max as is or adjust lower until I get used to AM lifting?

Pre-exhaust training?

Just DO A BETTER/LONGER WARMUP. Read the answers above.