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5/3/1 Hybrid?


ok soo ive been really giving this a thought, I do Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program, wonderful I have seen great results but, what i've been thinking about is changing the way I do the program, im still going to do it, I just want to change a few things here's how my program looks now:

Day 1 Bench: 5/3/1 Bench--assistance work: incline bench 50,60,70% of 1rm floor press, and bb curl 5/3/1
Day 2 Deadlift: deadlift 5/3/1--assistance work bb rows
Day 3 OHP: 5/3/1 OHP--assistance work: weighted dips, last week did 95 lbs for 3 sets of 3, 5/3/1 Weighted pullups: last week did 80lbs for 3,weighted chins and standing db press
Day 4 Squat: 5/3/1 squat, full squat, sometimes lunges
Here's how I want to change it up:

Day 1 OHP AND BENCH: 5/3/1 OHP and 5/3/1 Bench and standing db OHP
Day 2 Deadlift and Squat: 5/3/1 Deadlift and 5/3/1 Squat
Day 3 DE OHP and Bench using 60,65 and 70% of 1rm incline bench 60,65, and 70% and 5/3/1 BBcurl and 5/3/1 weighted pullups n weighted chins
Day 4 DE Deadlift and Squat and BB rows (this day is optional because i dnt need help with these two)

The reason why i want to change it up a lil is to have all my pushing movements on 1 day instead of spreading them out due to over working the pushing muscles and get some light speed work in as well a few days later and will adjust my bench accordingly since I'll be doing OHP first... sooo what do you guys think?


What is the benefit/purpose of adding speed work?


Look down on the forum and you will see someone asking about the same thing(the thread is 5/3/1 and speed work). Look on that thread and you will get the answer that we and Wendler will give you.


Seems like you're 5/3/1 for Powerlifting ... which I don't believe is out yet.

This was posted earlier, although just theory


i read both articles previously, and i think option 1 would be a good idea, TheDudeAbides, the reason why i want speed work is because im more of an explosive lifter than I am a strong lifter if you know what im saying, so I find for me it helps with Bench and OHP + doing bench and OHP same WO keeps me from overtraining the pressing muscles


thankyou so very much, I cant believe i missed that, very insightfull


No problem. Like the other guy was told, I would look into either the basic Westside or WS4SB. It may be suited for you more.


yeah im going to look BACK INTO WSB..... i used to do it but then i found 5/3/1.... i love both so i REALLY want to incorporate a little bit of both, if possible.


If I really wanted to do half dynamic days and make it work I would probably do this, 4 workouts per week still.

Week 1: 5/3/1 Bench, 5/3/1 Squat, DE Press, DE DL
Week 2: 5/3/1 Press, 5/3/1 DL, DE Bench, DE Squat
Repeat twice more
Week 7: Deload as normal, no DE lifts.

The key to making that work is the assistance lift choices. On the 5/3/1 days you can still do the other lift or variation of it as assistance work, or not depending on how much recovery you need. I am doing this right now for lower only and it seems to work good.

Example Week
Lower 1: 5/3/1 Squat + deadlift variation as assistance + abs if I feel like it (low volume day)
Lower 2: Speed DL + squat assistance lifts (more volume but leave gym feeling good and not that sore)

Next week the Squat/DL is reversed.


Your new template doesn't look like it has any less pressing than the original 5/3/1 template you were using. If you are worried about overdoing the pushing movements, your new template won't help that at all. In fact it might make it worse. Either do 5/3/1 or do a Westside template. You are essentially trying to do the full 5/3/1 workout plus some added DE work. This is a bad idea. If you are worried about doing too much pushing on the 5/3/1 program, only go for max reps on one pushing exercise a week. You can also adjust the volume of assistance work to meet your needs as well.


what the...I don't even...


"Since this worked so wellâ?¦of course, I stopped doing it" -Dan John


x2 just do speed work with the lighter weights.


You have one main lift and 0-4 assistances lifts.

Work up with the main life to a one all out set. The rest, just do it, keep it simple you don't need to do an another all out set for the assistance, because if you can you didn't work hard enough on your last set of your main set.


i changed my mind lol