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5/3/1 Google Doc Template

After the holidays end I’m going to start my first 5/3/1 workout. After reading the Forever book I tried to assemble a google sheet to help plan what I should be doing. My plan was two leader cycles of 5s Pro + BBB and one anchor cycle of 3/5/1 + FSL. I also tried to add the recommended accessories / throwing / jumping.

I think it’s pretty much straight from the books templates but since this is my first time doing it it’d be nice to know that I didn’t blatantly misinterpret anything in my planning.

Here’s my spreadsheet. Feel free to use it if you’d like. I know it’s a bit extra. I’ll probably end up needing to modify some of the accessories (5x10 pull-ups might be ambitious).

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Nice template - excel is definitely a super sick tool for building programs.

I’ll be restarting 5/3/1 at some point early in 2018 and have begun brainstorming how to set up my template in excel.

Good job.


I’m probably wrong and I know this is an old thread, but I thought 5s PRO meant the usual 5/3/1 progression, whereas your template has 5 reps for everything.

Also why is BBB always at 50%? I think that should be 50,60,70.

I do like your template though.

5sPRO is all 5s, regardless of the week you’re in (either 5,3,or 1).
BBB can increase if you find it too light. Nowhere near failing on any set, though.

Thanks - appreciate your response.