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5/3/1 Full Body with Front Squats?

So I ve been wanting to to run the 3 times a week fullbody template for the beyond 5/3/1 book ,the only problem is that I can’t back squat . It’s either front squat or no squats at all for me .

Would just switching back squats with front squats be sufficient? Won’t front squatting 3 times a week and only deadlifting once a week cause knee problems in the long run and maybe a lagging posterior chain ?
Is it possible to maybe add a posterior chain on day 1?(stiff legged deadlifts or rdls , maybe even a deficit or snatch grip deadlift?)


Yes it’s possible. But it doesn’t mean it’s smart.

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Using front squat instead of back squat should be fine. Go for it.

The program is in the book there for it’s fine. Remember that these are meant to he changed up over time. You probably don’t want to run the squat heavy full body program all year but a 6 week leader cycle of it is fine.

There are hundreds of 531 programs. Run this one as is for a while. Then change it up.

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