5/3/1 Full Body Training During Deload Week

I just started with 5/3/1 and I am doing the full body training. The percentages on the non 5/3/1 days for squats will be higher (phases II & III) than the percentages during the deload week.

  1. During the deload week, should we do the squats as same percentages (40%, 50%, 60%) every workout?

  2. Would it be ok to start in phase II or phase III (I had been using stronglifts 5x5 so I was used to the added squats workouts)?

Thank for the help

This is old already, but the answer to your question is try something and then tweak it if you didn’t like it. Which is hopefully what you did.

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The newest book has a ton of information on this stuff - generally we don’t “deload” like we used to; we use one of the deload variations from Beyond and have tweaked it (7th Week Protocol). Personally, and this is only with people I train personally, we use a much different style of full body training than what was termed “full body” prior. Hope that makes sense? Fuck if I know.

This does not mean you can’t do this type of training; only we are constantly evolving and moving forward in our world. And we have found a better way to program/train “full body training”.

Our results speak for themselves; we have kids doing some insane shit physically that I can’t understand. A big, BIG part is the kids themselves as they “buy in” and do the work. I think coaches take a lot of credit for the success of others, and sometimes I do to, when 99% of the work is done by someone else.

Anyway, the new fullbody program involves both barbells, dumbbells and a place to do chins/dips (and a chin/dip belt). That’s all you need. We only do 7 movements a week and train 3 days/week. It’s my opinion, based on the results of 100’s of people, that zero “full body” programs can touch this. They are antiquated at best and stupid at worst.

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Thank you for the information and responding to my post, Jim. I appreciate the time. Yeah, I am getting Beyond.

Don’t get Beyond - get 5/3/1 Forever. It’s out tomorrow and it’ll answer all your questions for programming.


You got it. Thanks again.