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5/3/1 Full Body Template for Cycling

Hi guys! I would like to do the program as a 3 day full body template and do cycling on off days. My cycling training consists of 2x45-60 minute rides on the week and and longer 75-120 minute ride on the weekend. The template is following:

Bench 531
Squat 3x8
Dips 3x10
Chin ups 3x10
Incline bicep curl 3x10
Pushdown 3x10

Dl 531
Ohp 531
Front squat 3x6
Row 3x10
Hyperextensions 3x10
Abs 3x10

Squat 531
Chin ups 3x10
Bench 3x10
Rows 3x10
Overhead tricep ext. 3x15
Hammer curls 3x12

I like cycling a lot but I still want to get big and strong. My cardiovascular capabilities aint too shabby so my plan is to time my longest ride on saturday so I get sunday to recover. What is your take on this? Thanks allready!

Three back squat or front sessions per week is too much when combined with cycling, in my opinion.

I raced in USCF road races when I was younger and there is no way I could have done this if my workouts on the bike were at all challenging.

How about squatting on monday and friday, some leg extensions and curls after them and only deadlifting on wednesday? Or how would you program it? Thank you!

How serious are you about cycling? Is it just your conditioning and lifting is primary? Or is it your main sport and lifting serves only to support it?

If weightlifting is primary, I personally would follow one of the standard 531 programs and do squats and squat-supplemental once per week on the same day, and probably do no other leg work except for to correct or prevent any issues.

If cycling is primary, I would do a more minimal 531 program and spread it out more.

I am currently focusing on ocean kayak racing and so now that my paddling mileage is climbing my 531 program is 5’s pro with no supplementals and an ordinary amount of accessories, done ABC / DAB /CDA / BCD, etc. so it takes me 9 days to do a ‘week’. Off-season I do a more regular 531 program.

That is just what works for me, you will have to find your own balance.

Hi! I think lifting is my main sport. I want to get bigger and stronger but I only just bought myself a road bike and really enjoy the benefits of improving my aerobic capabilities. I read the young jim wendler article on t-nation and in that program he has power cleans on wednesday but I have never done them and just replaced it with some squatting since I didn’t think it would benefit me to learn a new lift and only do it once a week. Wendler wrote as follows: “I listed some assistance work below the main work but you can do whatever you want. Or you can do nothing. The only assistance exercises that I think you need to do are the back extensions, sit-ups, and chins” I hope he doesn’t kill me for replacing power cleans with squats. My weak points are my quads and my arms, hence the arm isolation exercises and additional squatting. Would power cleans benefit my goals?