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5/3/1 FSL Full Body?

Hey fellas I’ve decided to go back to 5/3/1 after spending some time of the gym for a month due to life. I want to start with 5 pros 5x5 fsl for 2 leader and 1 anchor of pr sets while using forever’s accesories. Core work will be done on my conditioning day ab wheels + planks any thoughts on how this looks?

Squat 531
Bench 5x5 fsl
Chin ups 3x10 - pull
Seated dumbell ohp 3x10- push
Leg curl 3x10- single leg

Deadlift 5x5 fsl
Ohp 5/3/1
Bulgarian split squats 3x10- single leg
Dumbell row 3x10 - pull
Push ups 3x10- push

5x5 fsl squat
Bench 5/3/1
DB Romanian deadlift 3x10 - single leg
Lat pulldown 3x10 - pull
Tricept extensions 3x10 - push

Deadlift 531
Ohp 5x5 fsl
Dumbell incline bench 3x10 - push
Bicept curls 3x10- pull
Leg extension 3x10- single leg