5/3/1 + FSL and 5x5 BBB, Too Much?

Is the 5/3/1 + down sets (first set last 3x5) + 5x5 BBB to much ?


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The “down sets” are the supplemental lifts, which are commonly 5x5 (first set last or second set last weights), or BBB (which is 5x10, usually at FSL weight). What you wrote doesn’t make sense. But, if you mean “can I do FSL 5x5 and then BBB?”, then the answer would be no; no you couldn’t do that.

First BBB does’t mean what you think it means.
Second i see two options here:

  1. You want to do 8 sets of 5 reps at fsl weights
  2. You want to do 3x5@fsl + 5x5@some other weight

As long as the other weight is lower than fsl, i don’t see a problem with either of these.
But why not just do BBS?

First off, no.

Second off your supplemental work makes no sense. You do not BBB for 5x5. Boring But Big is for 5x10 @ 40-60% of your TM. Trust me, you don’t want to be doing any FSL before your 5x10. BBB will f***ing toast your bagel.

However, you could do Boring But Big @ FSL. That is basically doing back-down sets of 5x10 @ your first working set of the day. If you do this make sure your TM is set to 85% or lower, or you likely won’t be able to complete the work.

In the OP’s defence there is a 5x5, 5x3 and 5x1 variation of BBB in beyond using 80, 90 and 100% of your TM respectively.


Are you sure that is a Boring But Big variation?

I will have to check my copy, but that sounds more like Advanced 5/3/1 rather than BBB.

It’s the 5/3/1 BBB 13 week challenge. Looks like a pretty fun protocol.