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5/3/1 Form Check


Any feedback on my 3 main lifts would be appreciated. I ahve been doing 5/3/1 since December with some pretty good gains.





I'm sorry, I fell asleep during the deadlift video.....


You wiggle a lot on your bench when you should be tight.


Strengthen your upper back, it caves forward on your second squat attempt. Perhaps you're just not keeping it tight enough. The forward lean also seemed to be a bit much for my tastes, but I've saw much worse and I'm sure a more knowledgeable poster will tell you it's fine.


Try to drive a lot more with your hips when u squat you'll find it easier and it'll activate your glutes a lot more! your rounding your lower back when u deadlift so thats a big no no, its not major rounding but slight rounding, Try push out your chest a lot more pinch your shoulder blades back. When you pull your scapula should be just above the bar or just slightly behind it this may help!


Thanks for your help. For my deadlift,do you think my hips are low enough?


i agree that your back was rounded but i wouldnt say to pinch your shoulders together...

also taking videos with weight closer to your max (i.e. a 3rm or 1rm) would a much better help in identifying form flaws