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5/3/1 Forever: Strength and Conditioning Template Help

Hey guys, I’m just looking to get some input on the S&C template in 5/3/1 Forever. Since I’m prepping for law enforcement and leaning out I chose to do this template however there are some confusing elements to it. Wendler says it is a 5 week program in the description including the leader, deload, and anchor, yet says to do two cycles of the leader template which would last 4 weeks if followed for two cycles since it’s a 3/day a week program rotating squats/bench and deads/press. “Two cycles” and 2 weeks contradict each other with this specific template. Am I missing something regarding the leader/anchor setup?

Also, when he says to do PR sets for the main lifts in the anchor template, is he just saying to do the original 5/3/1 setup and hit AMRAPs or 3-5 reps on the last set of each workout to confirm TMs?

Apologies, usually I can piece these templates together rather easily but Strength and Conditioning struck me as quite unique so I would appreciate anyone else’s input on deciphering the layout of this “5 week program.” Personally I ran it for 2 weeks (one cycle it seems) then ran the 7th week deload and now I am here writing this post before starting the anchor since I realize the anchor lasts 2 weeks and the leader also lasted 2 weeks even though its a 2/1 template. Thanks for any help/input

That may be the clarification you’re after. This is my favourite template, I’m LE still play competitive sport and this ticks all my boxes although I only do A and B each week so my cycle takes longer.

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I’ve done this program and also love it. Lots of simple hard work. I considered running it on a two day. How were your results?

I wouldn’t say my results have been mega, I tick along and can do all the things in life I want to do. Managing it with rugby is the hardest part!