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5/3/1 Forever Questions

  1. Why do some templates use 3/5/1 instead of 5/3/1 and use 5s PRO on the 5 week and PRs on 1 and 3? Was the PR sets burning people out?

  2. Why ddi he come up with Leaders/Anchors? To wave volume work and intensity? Again was doing PR sets all the time burning people out?

  3. What is the main advantage of doing 5s PRO? I think he mentioned maintaining good bar speed in the book.

  4. The templates seem like a lot more pushing volume and pulling. Gotta figure a way to add more pulling to keep shoulders healthy and many coaches (Matt winning, joe deference) recommend.

Before Forever came out, I was doing 5/3/1 with a PR set and then into FSL and I think it was burning me out.

  1. 351 is so you only go all out every other week bc people are not smart enough to auto regulate.
  2. It’s similar to a linear program. High volume then high intensity, repeat.
  3. Its good for people with garbage recovery or if you’re doing something crazy with your supplemental work.
  4. In forever Jim reccomends a pull assistance every lifting day. That’s plenty. If you want more just do band pull aparts every day.

Also PR sets all the time except deload week shouldn’t burn you out unless you’re old or don’t eat/sleep enough.

Thanks. I was just wondering why he took out the PR sets for some templates if so many people were so successful with it.

The plan I was considering was:

  • Leader(2 cycles)- 5/3/1 5s PRO, with 5x5 FSL
  • Anchor(1 cycle)- 5/3/1 with PR set and possible Jokers.
    What do you think?

And 7th week week is always done between any Leader/Anchor, right?

Almost every single program has the PR sets; they are just in the anchor.

I’m running 5’s pro with fsl 5x5 right now. Just did two ‘leader’ cycles and deloading this week. Going to do two more cycles then anchor which will be pr sets with fsl widows. It took me a couple cycles to play around with the assistance to get the programming right.

So if I wanna add in “Strongman” exercises (Im not training to be a competitive strongman, just using a couple exercises) does this look reasonable?

Farmer walk, sandbag carry, tire flip, etc.
Low back

Just deciding if I should keep FSL in there for the deads.

Also, in Forever Jim doesn’t mention some older template that were in Beyond, such as FSL Paused. Does this mean he doesn’t recommend them anymore or he just didn’t write about them because they are already mentioned in Beyond?

The latter.

There is a section on farmers at the start of forever (I forget which page and I don’t have the book handy, sorry)

Would this be an approved plan for a one cycle anchor?(I didn’t see this exact set up in the book)

Original 5/3/1 or 3/5/1 with PR sets, add in Jokers on weeks 1 and 3 if I feel really good.
-And I guess only PR sets on weeks 1 and 3?

Just wanted to clarify if both PR sets and Jokers are only recommended on weeks 1 and 3.

Looks good. I personally do PR sets every week. And jokers on 1 and 3. But if i feel like trash I won’t push super hard. Example it’s 3s week at 400. PR would be 400x6. I might go 400x4-5

So is original 5/3/1 with PR sets (on all sets) whenever I want still good to go for an anchor cycle? With possible jokers depending on how I feel?

Yeah. Should be fine. Just trial and error. See what works for you.