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5/3/1 Forever - Program Index

Hi Jim,

Love the new book. Because there is so much choice, I found myself flipping back and forward through it a bit when I was deciding which leader/anchor I should go with. To make this a bit easier, I made myself an index of the programs in the programming section. It lists the program name, the page its on, when it should be used and the number of days at the gym in the example.

I thought others might benefit from it. If you are comfortable with me posting the index (or would be comfortable with it if some information was removed), let me know and I’ll get it up. It looks like this:

.* Most (all?) programs have the anchor details following the leader details (both are not listed) and a bunch of the variations are not listed (e.g. the 17 Fully Body leader variations)
**Note: As shown in the examples. The book shows you how to change lifting days/week. Does not include ‘away-from-the-gym’ days as these are not a factor in me deciding on whether to do the program but the number of times I need to get to the gym is


I would like this, maybe Jim can reply I am not sure what is “too much information”, what you have so far seems fine. I tried to do something like this myself but putting some set/rep schemes in a column but that got too complicated, I think what you have with “Focus” seems good.

You’re not giving away the training details, so it should be fine.

If Jim is cool with it I think it would be great. I am looking for the geezer (60 and over) program.

5 progression and FSL or I would strongly recommended Con Clavi Con Dio. I’m 58 and that has been fun for me. I’ve been running that this summer and really enjoying the program. Pick an appropriate TM. Don’t cheat the non lifting days

I train the weeks 351, not 531. Works for me.

Dude, this would be incredibly helpful. I currently have sticky notes on programs with 3 day templates and needless to say it is clunky and inefficient. This index would be fantastic.

I agree with olcreakybones. Any movement on the index?

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@strongmangoals Did you happen to create this in a google sheet? If so, and you wouldn’t mind sharing it, that’d be awesome. I can provide proof that I own a copy of Forever (not that you’re really giving away too much info as it is) if that’s a concern. If not I’ll probably just make my own version this weekend.


Just wanting Jim’s “okay” first.

It’s excel ATM.

It’s an index, I’m not sure why’d it be an issue. I may just create one and post it.

Fair enough, totally understand that.

Lots of things that have no bearing on me dont seem to be an issue on the surface.

That’s why I listen to the people who get their nuts crushed by a decision and not any joker with 2 cents to throw around who can just walk away when something comes up.

Eh, a book this big should at least have a general table of contents, as evidenced by the litter of post-its in my copy.

I imagine it would almost certainly be fine, but if you’re going to do something that involves someone’s work then it’s only courteous to ask first.