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5/3/1 Forever on Kindle?

First time posting on this forum but bee reading for a while and figure this is the best place to ask this.

I know this has been answered months ago. The conflicting information is always out there but I have seen a quote for Jim saying the book will eventually release to Amazon and then to Kindle.

Is there any update on when this is? I live out of NA and shipping prices are crazy so been waiting on the kindle release.

Jim mentioned that Amazon guts him for his work to the point where it actually costs him more money than he makes off the sales on that site. It may not get released for some time until he can work out a better deal from Amazon.

As far as I see, you retain 70% of the sale price of books you sell on Kindle which doesn’t sound like a gutting and you retain the rights for your books. 70% isn’t too bad at all is it, if that is the final number?

I am sure people woud still pay the $40 od dollars for the book on Amazon. I personally would regardless of physical copy.

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As of now, there are no plans to release the Forever book on Kindle.

No Kindle, if they take so much from you I would be the same.
So how does one get a copy of the book in the UK? As after purchase from your site and the $22.50 for shipping, then having to pay customs and taxes charges us lot over the pond and probably most of Europe will end up paying almost double the cost of the book.
Do you have a retailer in UK or Europe? or plans for a downloadable copy?.
This isn’t a moan at you Jim I know you dont control the costs of these things.

I was hoping for a digital version eventually.

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I live in the UK and didn’t have to pay customs or other charges.

Thank you for your reply thats interesting to know,

I asked the question because every time I’m forced to buy from the US I get hit with customs and taxes, also handling fees if its delivered by Royal Mail.

Great if none on the book. will be buying it tomorrow.

It’s not hard to digitize the book if you work in corporate or an office. It cost me $3 at FedEx to have the binding stripped. I work in a corporate office so it took less than 10 minutes to run the whole thing through their big fax/copy/scan machine. We also have access to Acrobat Pro which you can use to automatically lay an OCR layer over the book making it searchable. Best decision I made all year. Also, they said they could put notebook binding back on the book for around the same price. Now that I have digital copy I don’t really care about the hard copy though.

FYI, no I won’t send it to anyone. I figure if Jim wanted a digital version he would have put one out. This is for personal use but I wanted to bring it up because some people might think it is more difficult than it really is.