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5/3/1 Forever International Shipping

Hey, I’m just entering cycle #3 of my own modified spin on the 5/3/1 Triumvirate Programme. I love it and Jim has really helped me after I finally found myself stalling and sick of 5x5.

Having read around, I hear that 5/3/1 Forever is the most comprehensive work on 5/3/1 and I’d really like to crack it open to learn a lot more. However, the international shipping is a murder - even with parcel forwarding I’m still looking set to pay around £55 for the book (that’s like $70USD). I really want this knowledge, but this price is way too steep for me.

Are there still have any plans to put the book on Amazon? Alternatively, have you got in touch with any European presses to give them the publishing rights? You could probably have a good printing run if you just put in orders to a vanity press in Europe/the UK.

That is a steal honestly. Completely worth it.

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We are putting in on Amazon in the next few months - at least we are planning on it. This will be a “hard copy” book, not a Kindle book. I wouldn’t trust anyone but me/wife to handle any part of our company/books. Everyone will fuck you.


I agree, I live in Europe and paid that price, totally worth it.

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I got it delivered to the UK in 7 days with the standard delivery - it’s well worth the cost if you’re able to get it.

That’s great news.

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I think I’d prefer a hard copy, anyway. This is the sort of book I’d really like to hold and handle.

If I had the funds, I’d definitely pay for it. It’s just money’s somewhat tight on my end atm.

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Brb putting my book on kindle


£55 for the book ($72USD) is not too bad. Sadly it’ll cost way more when we get taxed in the UK. A recently bought a t-shirt and the tax alone was £13.83 which is $18! That’s a $52 t-shirt. I can only imagine how much tax we’ll pay on the book.