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5/3/1 Forever - Easy and/or Hard Conditioning?

I’m coming up on my last week of the “prep and fat loss training” template from the new book, which can be done with just easy or no conditioning. I’m looking at other templates to plan out my next few cycles and most of them have something like

  • A to B days of hard conditioning
  • X to Y days of easy conditioning

If a template has something like that listed, is it recommended to do a combination of both easy and hard conditioning, or are we fine just doing all one or the other? If I’m not bastardizing the program by going all in on easy conditioning that’s what I’d prefer to do. But if Jim’s like “that’s dumb” then I’ll just suck it up and re-learn how to not sprint like an idiot or something. There are some templates in here I’d really like to do but I want to know the recommendations first.

Either a combo of both or ALL easy conditioning. ONLY do hard conditioning if you are physically prepared for it and willing to make some adjustments (if needed). If your goal is fat loss, it is probably best to change your diet, not burn more fuel.

Thanks Jim, I appreciate it. I’ll stick with walks and airdyne style stuff then.

Glad someone else asked this. Ive been feeling pretty dumb for a while now