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5/3/1 for Strength/Explosive my Plan


looking to get as strong/explosive as possible.

mon - Press 5/3/1 & chins 3xamap. Dips 5x10 & lat pulldown 3x8-10. Face pulls 3x12-15. abs.

tue - Power Clean workup to heavy 1 rep x 3?. Deadlift 5/3/1. Deadlift 5x10. Reverse hyper 3x12-20 (no access to GHR machine. do GH raise with the BARbell?). abs.

Thur - Bench 5/3/1 & chins 3xamap. DB bench 5x10 & BB row 3x6-8. more Face pulls?. abs.

Fri - Power clean or snatch (same as tue). Squat. squat 5x10. Good morning 3x8-10

Sat - Dedicated to bi's, Tri's, bit of shoulder work? or do the curls/Tri's on upper body day?

Looking to get big strong and explosive. Experienced 5/3/1 people help me out! i have info OVERLOAD!! trying to keep it simple.


If you're trying to keep it simple, then just run the actual program as it's written. That works for making you strong, no need to change it.


check the article blood and chalk volume 10:

-Warm-up (jump rope, dynamic/static stretching, foam rolling)
-Dynamic training (box jumps, hurdle jumps, shot put/medicine ball throws) FOR YOU !!!
-Strength work (squat, clean, deadlift, press, bench press)
-Assistance work


Think your right im going to stick to the boring but big. no sense in over thinking like jim said. think i have info overload and want to do so much.


i want to include An olympic lift before my leg days? but not sure what set/rep scheme to do?

any advice


I really suggest you buy 5/3/1 for powerlifting..20$ bucks only ! Or at least do a search on the elitefts q/a..yes you can do olympic lifting with 5/3/1 reps scheme or do 3x5,3x3 ..


@crankman didnt even realize i could ask jim a question. haha thanks dood already submitted it! and im going to re-test my 1rm for the power clean tmr. so i can start 5/3/1 on it