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5/3/1 for Soccer Goalkeeper


Hey Jim and everyone else,

Just wondering what you guys think about training for a soccer goalkeeper. Right now I'm playing in clubs (college age) but I might be walking onto a team within the next year. I'm 6'2", 210 lbs and around 12% body fat. Also I'm 20 years old.

Here are some of my lift stats:
Squat - 450 Lbs
Bench - 300 Lbs
Deadlift - 550 LBS

Right now I'm training 3-5 days a week depending on how much time I have. I always hit the big three lifts in the week, a lot of accessory work based on my weak points and what I need for goalkeeping. For speed and conditioning, I make sure to train sprints, change of direction, longer distances (150 and 300 yds mainly for conditioning), and a heavy plyo day.

What I'm wondering is how many exercises should I do per muscle group in a given week as a guideline? I usually have guidlines for my main lifts:
Squat: 2 Upper Back (Rear delts, Lats, etc), 1 Leg (Quads, Hams, Glutes)
Bench: 3 Shoulders, Tris, Chest
Deadlift: 2 Low Back (Middle Back - rows, posterior chain), 1 Leg (hip hinge)

Do these numbers change when applied specifically for sport? At what part of the workout should I incorporate sled work? How should my jumps or sprints vary through a progression? Such as what would a program look like through a mesocycle and then how would exercises/power + speed work progress through 3 mesocycles (12 week program)?

My gym has an unlimited amount of equipment. Ranges from barbells, Dumbbells, plates, machines, turf, prowlers, sleds, ladders/cones/hurdles, racks, pull-up bars, bands, 10ft rope wall, parkour boxes, plyo boxes, sandbags, legs, logs, stones, yoke and anything else you can imagine. I love keeping my program fresh however I will try to use the same exercises for a couple weeks to allow my body to adapt.

In terms of soccer, there are really no practices for some of these clubs. I get majority of the work by playing in games and creating my own practice schedules with some semi-pro players I know in the area. There are open practices at certain fields Sun and Tuesday night. I usually get 2-4 morning practices a week as well.

I believe in keeping my training simple, but at the same time I like variety and keeping it interesting. In the end, I will train myself to be mobile, strong, and fast.


I also forgot to mention that instead of using 5/3/1 for the squat and bench, I've been treating them like normal lifts: keeping the reps to 15, 10, or 6 depending on the cycles. Due to running I didn't want too much volume on the lower body. I feel like I don't need a ton of upper body max-effort strength so I'm focusing on just hyper trophy and similar rep scheme to the squat. Deadlift is kept at 5/3/1 to continue developing max-effort strength and power.



You have two goals. Wrestling and soccer.

What are you looking for exactly?

The program and your body dictates the amount of exercise per body part. Do the program and adjust accordingly. Not sure why you are asking....

Forgot: How you feel is not an excuse for changing the program.