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5/3/1 for Size and to Rebuild

Hi I’m looking for some suggestions and advice from some experienced 5/3/1 lifters, after recently losing a lot of strength and over 10kg in weight due to illness its time to rebuild.
Could anyone suggest a good template to regain some size and basically start from scratch

As long as you are 100% after your illness I would suggest simply boring but big until you are back in the swing of things.

cheers for the advice im back to about 90% health so its going to be slow and steady to start off
Thinking of running the BBB 3 month challenge template again

5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL - 2 days a week
Mon Squat/Bench
Thu Deadlift/Press
Start with 85% TM.

2 cycles of 5’s PRO, 5x5 FSL
2 cycles of 5’s PRO, BBB

Start Krypteia program (prep program and the Krypteia Leader/Anchor)


I haven’t got the new book yet to read up on the Krypteia program as shipping to Australia and exchange rate makes it a little pricey at the moment unfortunately

If you start saving for it now, you might be able to get it by the time you finish the above. What Jim laid out is over 3 months of training before you get to the Krypteia.

Has anyone ran the BBB 3 month challenge but with a 8/6/3 rep scheme

Take the advice you were given, the man himself gave you his recommendations.



The above by Jim is better.

I think the important thing is pick one and stick to it! I’m recovering from ruptured biceps tendon and I’ve just done 5x5 while building up my strength again. The thing to avoid is getting bored and jumping between different approaches when you get impatient. Consistency is key.

What is everyone thoughts on running the squat more template but as a deadlift program
for example:

The program:
Deadlift 5/3/1
DB Bench Press 3x10-15
DB Rows 3x10

Deadlift 65%x3, 75%x3, 85%x3
DB Incline Press 3x10-15
Chinups 3x10

Deadlift 75%x3, 85%x3, 95%x1
Bench Press 5/3/1
Chin/Pullups 3x10

Deadlift 65%x3, 75%x3, 85%x3
Incline Press 3x10-15
Chinups 3x10

Deadlift 75%x3, 85%x3, 95%x1
Press 5/3/1
Squat 5/3/1

The reason the squat more program can work is because squats don’t destroy your CNS as much as deads do. Other programs have less deadlifting than squatting for a reason.

It won’t work. 5 x a week deadlifting = not good


There are about 100 programs from Jim himself out there. WHY does everybody take one and change it completely. Just take one program, follow it to a T and be happy about your success!


If you wanna deadlift multiple times a week just try full body full boring. The volume and intensity is dialed back a little but you hit deads 3x/week

Seems after recently losing a lot of strength and over 10kg in weight due to illness Trying to rebuild is going to be next to impossible no mater what 5/3/1 template i use as i found out today that my testosterone is completely shut down.
Test: 3.9 (6.0- 28.0)
SHBG: 55 (15-50)
Free Test: 50 (200-600)

I had some test levels taken many years ago that showed some pretty… uninspiring results. I decided not to treat at that time because I didnt want to jump into a potentially life long drug treatment based on a single test results.

A little while later I had it rechecked and it was up in the mid 600’s

Dont fall into a pit of despair based on this one reading. Especially if you were recently ill. Get retested in a little bit and see what the numbers are. The good news is this is an easily treatable condition so even if it is true you have no worries really.

Anything that can naturally raise it a bit if its borderline and you want to avoid drugs as long as possible?

I’ve heard alpha male fits that description

Waiting to get retested before doing anything but it’s frustrating trying to train with current strength levels