5/3/1 for Returning Gym User

Hi all,

I’ve used 5/3/1 before previously, and SL 5x5 a good few ears ago.

However, I lost my mojo for the gym a while ( a few months) back after i gained about 20kg.

Currently sitting at about 94ish kg.

So onto my question, if I’m returning to gym again would 5/3/1 be a good place to jump back in? If so what flavour of 5/3/1? Or would i be better jumping onto SL 5x5 again for a while?

Its mainly to lose fat and gain some strength (if it helps, I will be doing 10k training as my cardio)
Lifts at last check, a couple months back.
Bench 85kg for 5
OHP 55kg for 5
squat 65kg for 5 ( i started with the bar due to bad kness)
dead 105kg for 5

95kg, 5"9, I think mid range 20s for bodyfat
Many thanks in advance

I’d say Beginner Prep School from Forever would be your best bet. You’re working on regaining your proficiency with the lifts, in addition to getting back in shape. The extra frequency helps.