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5-3-1 for Powerlifting


...is finally here...I felt like a kid at Christmas when I saw it on Wendler's FB today and went and downloaded it immediately from EFS. Skimmed through it and from what I can tell, it is pretty thorough...the last section of the book has Top 100 questions, which are basically a neatly compiled list of all the most popular quesaitons he has answered in these 5-3-1 FAQ threads...also a good discussion on meet preps...

Definitely worth the $20, even if all the info is available in different places for free...

Anyone else bought it yet? What do you think?


I just picked it up for two reasons. One, obviously more detailed/centralized info is helpful, especially for a newbie like myself. And more so Two, I feel I owe Jim 20 bucks for the progress I've already made on 5/3/1.


Couldn't agree more. I picked up the book, good refresh on the 5/3/1 principles but also some solid added material on preparing and "peaking" for meets. Training templates, assistance work, methodology seem more focused and on point. The QA also answers every reasonable question you could have. Happily paid the 20.00, I feel I owe alot more for the progress and change 5/3/1's brought to my training and life.

N.O.V for life! lol


Yeah the meet and pre-meet programming are invaluable for someone without a handler or competitive training partners. I don't think I've seen him write about this elsewhere.

Plus another good few pages on the state of "men" in our culture was worth the price of admission alone.


I wonder if I can get this on my kindle...


Just bought it and am looking forward to reading it tonight.


Bought it as soon as it came out - felt like i needed to give $20 to Wendler too. The book looks like it'll be a massive help, especially the meet prep stuff and the new assistance templates. Jim has an awesome way of cutting through all the bullshit to give advice that's not only simple to understand but also effective.
20 bucks is a small price to pay to head N.O.V.


Bought it the day it came out - Jim cracks me up, training or no training. THere is tons of template and info in there - shit, its funnier than a stand-up commedy show AND cheaper...plus it makes you stronger! Everyone better pick a copy...


Again thanks to Jim..20 bucks is a couple of beers !

Can't believe peoples complaining nothing new in the book on another forum..
Some peoples are selling 12 weeks program for 97$ dollars all the times.
20 bucks for methodology, assistance, peeking, box squat or free squat, pause or no pause bench..100 q/a
And the usual good and funny quotes from Jim..A great read !

So hope Jim getting a few beers with my 20$ !


Jim sent me a hardcopy like a month ago. Honestly, I'm broke as a joke right now, but just based on principle, when I get paid at the end of the month I intend on actually purchasing it. I feel like Jim has done so much for us all in terms of sooooo many damn questions answered, that throwing my $20 in the pot is a no-brainer.


bought today, reading now. awesome.


Hey, anybody know where I can get a free download? I want all of the information, but I don't feel like paying like, money, for it.

Also, Jim Wendler is really weak.

And heavy metal sucks.


Jason Pegg will give it to you for free, you just have to "tug on his beard"


Sweet. Thanks for the advice. I think I'm gonna go head over to his place.


Honestly this is the first book by Jim that I was disappointed by (I own the Basic Training Manual, Training 3 Days a Week, 5/3/1 and 5/3/1 for Football for reference). Literally 3/4 of the material is recycled from the original 5/3/1, Blood & Chalk and his Q&A- useful for someone who hasn't read those, but otherwise underwhelming.

I strongly believe in supporting Jim but a little more effort could have been put into it.


A quick question, is there an effective way to determine your goal meet weight to use his percentages for the singles?


I purchased it because I didn't buy 5/3/1. You are correct -- much of the material is recycled. I was hoping for something more. I did find the suggestions for incorporating gear and meet peaking to be quite useful. Although a lot of the length of the book is recycled, to me those sections alone made it worth the $20.


Definitely some recycled parts, but also some very good points. I think Jim does a good job illustrating some of the differences between raw and geared lifting wrt form and technique. A lot of people fail to realise there is a difference.


The only other book by Jim I have is the "original" 5-3-1 manual.
Yeah, there's some overlap - but there's also a shitload of additional info in there that IMO helps to minimize if not eliminate the guesswork out of the offseason or meet-prep training raw or geared.
It is WAY more detailed than the original 5-3-1 book.


Bought it five minutes after it popped up on facebook.