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5-3-1 for Powerlifting is Out!


Downloaded. Scanned through quickly and like alot of the tweaks and more explanations to the serious lifter.

worth it? Yes.



Got it. Damn talk about the long wait. From what I see so far, Wendler didn't include any info regarding steroids. Which was originally proposed.


will be buying tomorrow


Does it really vary that much from the original 5/3/1?

I assume it still follows the whole 5/3/1 technique overall.


Yes And No.

If you are an aspiring powerlifter then hell yeah, if you are a serious lifter always and are stalling or are finding out you need to tweak the template on 5/3/1 then yes. If your thinking this is the newest greatest thing since sliced bread then you would be disappointed if you already own 5/3/1.

I am starting to think of it as 5/3/1/part/2 The Next Step.

The book makes real good points and has a great philosphy behind it in regarding lifting and making continous gains in general.

Has good reads on training for the Raw and for the Geared lifter.


I think the section on meet prep training is invaluable for lifters that don't have handlers or even anyone else they compete with. Totally worth it.


I have it and will read it tonight. Review to follow.