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5/3/1 for Muay Thai


Hey Jim

What sort of template would you recommended for a MMA/Muay Thai fighter?

I very much like the look for your rest-pause challenge - 2 days per week.

I train Muay Thai early morning and evening to varying levels of intensity and duration (sparring, technique, bag work etc), and it always helps to be strong in a game where most of the dudes your up against have been fighting since they could walk…

Thanks in advance, love your work


IIRC he had a post regarding 531 and MMA on his blog. I would check there.


The last thing, besides BBB, would be the rest/pause challenge. I’ve written numerous articles about this, about training for athletes, etc. Please check them out: I write articles to help people so it would be awesome if people would read them.

I’d venture to say 99% of what is written for athletes is written by people who have never been, never trained an athlete. So be wary. You can spot these turds pretty easy. You can smell their shit a mile away.



Understood, thank you for taking the time to reply