5/3/1 for Military

I have done the 5/3/1 program with BBB assistance as my go to travel program for about four years now. When I say travel this is usually 3 to 7 months. I am an active duty US Army Special Forces soldier (Green Beret). So when I am home we have a program called THOR3 that has strength and conditioning couches, dietitian, sports psych, etc in a pretty amazing facility. Our coaches run our programming in the morning and walk us through our full warmrup and lift. When I deploy, as I am about to I have a had great results with 5/3/1 with BBB. I am wondering what adaptions/additions you would add to the program to make it more tailored for special operations. This being a very general question I will add this this generally means walking and running for some distance, in addition to good sprint and lateral movements for moving on the objective. I have got decent strength from this home and away program swap, I just have to add in the running, rucking, etc. Is there anything you would have me do different from the core program to keep increasing not only strength, but also muscle endurance, conditioning, mobility, etc? Thanks for your time and great programs! I included my current stats below for reference.


Bench: 365
Squat: 550
Deadlift: 640
Military Press: 245

The Krypteia program is, by far, the best option. Best program around.

Thanks for the feedback Jim! I will grab the eBook and check it out!


Question for you…I’m doing the BBB workout also, headed into my 3rd month…how did you do your 5 x 10 sets for 4 years ? Jim has this workout set up to do those sets at 50% first month, 60% second month and then 70% third month. What did you do after the 3rd month ? I love the workout but I’m not sure exactly how to move forward after the 3rd month. By the way …nice stats…!!!

Sorry for the long delay in the response. I have been really busy at work. I do the programming my home coaches have for us when I am not traveling. And I do 531 with BBB during travel. So, I think, that is how I have not hit a wall with it. Also, in full disclosure, I usually hold back on the BBB leg portions because honestly for my occupation, I do not really need or want more leg strength if it takes away from endurance and running/rucking, so usually I run or ruck on leg days instead of the BBB Legs. Sorry if this doesn’t help!


How much do you weigh brother? Your lifts are really fucking good especially if you are in great shape on top of it.

I’m weighing around 240 these days. I go between 220-250 depending on what I’m doing, what I’m doing training/operations wise, etc. I like to be around 230. That seems to be my happy place. I’m not the greatest runner in the world but keep it around 7 min miles or better.

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