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5/3/1 for Hockey


Any plans for a 5/3/1 for hockey Mr. Wendler?


Just follow one of the templates for an in season athlete. And do you happen to be a tendy by chance?


We have no plans - despite what Team Tempo would have you believe, strength training for sports is general prep with some small changes made for individuals. Think about it like this: name me the one sport where having strong legs, arms, torso is not applicable. Or the sport where having the athlete fast and explosive is a detriment. Or where being in shape is a horrible idea.


if you do happen to be a goalie, focus on being quick and explosive. being stronger obviously will help, but not much as far as stopping the puck goes. train to be explosive and very agile. Just don't train exclusively for strength/mass if you are a tender. but, thats of course if you are goalie. Just wanted to add my .02 about goaltender training.


Just trying to get your reasoning here...

Forwards and defence should train differently? As far as quick and explosive? Do forwards and defence train exclusively for strength/mass?


I would say slightly differently. They need to be able skate far distances for long periods of time where we tneed to be able to go very short distances repeated, if that makes sense. Yet, skaters but still need to have that explosiveness as well. While a goalie doesn't need to train to be able to skate down and back a million times.

But as far as mass, a forward or D will have a greater benefit to being bigger and heavier as opposed to a goalie. Because, if you think about it being bigger is not going to help you stop the puck. Quicker? Yes. Bigger? No.(from training no one would be able to get big enough to really make much difference as far as real estate covered).