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5/3/1 for Hardgainers & Bench Form Check Video

So I’ve just completed my third week, clear to see I have started too heavy so I will be resetting my %s and continuing with this for a few cycles.

Just wanted to know what others thought of it and share some experiences.

The 10 sets of 5 on OHP has my shoulders pumped to hell, too early to see how I respond to this but they do say pressing movements benefit for more workload.

The widowmaker set on squats is tough as hell, I am much better at hitting singles than I repping, so this has been a killer.

The deadlifts 5x5 haven’t been to bad but after having an all out set prior I do find myself fatigued fairly quick.

5x5 on bench with no all out set prior is something I haven’t done yet but it feels fantastic, I think this will be something I will keep and bring to other 531 templates.

I have recently widened my grip slightly on my press and try to focus more on driving my elbows in line under the bar, as recently I have been losing upper back tightness due to a narrow grip, when the bar would come down it would throw out my tightness in upper back.

This feels better but how does it look. This is only 85% of my TM for two just for video purposes.

Thanks in advance.