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5/3/1 for Hardgainers 20-Rep Squats with Beginners Prep School?

Is it possible to do beginner prep school similar 5/3/1 for hardgainers. The way the lifts are trained differently. I’d like to add 20 rep squats because I heard they help the squat.

Squat-5/3/1 sets/reps widowmaker
Bench- 5x5/3/1

Deadlift-5/3/1 sets/reps 5x5 fsl
Press- 5’s 10x5

As a fullbody. Sorry if I’m screwing with the programs.

Nvm i answered this question for myself

there’s no such thing as a “hardgainer”. People who call themselves “hardgainers” are just people who are under-eating.

Make sure when you’re doing this program, you’re eating in accordance to your goals which in this case would be a caloric surplus. Good luck!

I need food

You might want to take this up with Jim Wendler