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5/3/1 for Geared Meet

Has anybody figured out a good way to mix the two? I was thinking on my last set just cut it short a lil so i will still have something in the tank. Put on my gear and start working my way up.

I just read a thread that looked a lot like this one on wanna be big… is that you? lol…

5/3/1 did nothing for me except make my 1rms go down. It was never meant for that and I think Jim states this more or less in the book. Yes I bought the book… But 5/3/1 is well liked on this site so I’m sure I’ll have 30 teenagers telling me that I’m a fucking retard cause I didn’t get hyooge on that lol.(it’s a joke people, put the pitch forks and torches down, ha)5/3/1/ for powerlifting has one take some singles after they do the rep work so that may be a good blend for you. maybe the last set on your “3” week could be your opener weight and the singles you take could be an indicator of the other 2 lifts? IDk just some ideas… good luck Rob.

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