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5/3/1 for Bodybuilding, 3 Days/wk

Hi guys,

what do you think?

Monday: Chest/Front-delts/Biceps

-Bench 5/3/1 only prescibed reps
-Military Press 5/3/1 only prescibed reps
-Bench Press 3 x 6-8reps (a few pull-ups between every set)
-DB Inclice Bench 3 x 6-8reps
-Butterfly 3 x 10-15reps

-Barbell Curls 3x 6-8
-DB Curls 3x 8-10

Wednesday: Legs

-Squat 5/3/1
-Squat 3 x 8-10
-Leg extentions 3x 10-15

Friday: Back/Rear-delts/Triceps

-Deadlift 5/3/1
-Leg Curls 3 x 10-15

-Pull- Ups 3x 6-8
-Rows 3x 10-12

-Rear Laterals 3x 10-15

-Dips 3 x 6-8reps
-Pushdowns 3 x 10-15

lol like 4 exercises for chest and 2 for back

Jim published an article on his website that has a template to use 5/3/1 for bodybuilding, use that. It is much better then this.