5/3/1 for Bench Only

So I’m currently in a situation where out of all the big four, I am only able to do bench press well. No back squats, no heavy front squats, no heavy overhead pressing and absolutely no any kind of deadlifting.

Currently I’m planning on training four days a week with the main bench work being the 5/3/1 progression, second upper body workout being close grip bench and shoulder work or something and two lower body workouts being just some bodybuilding stuff to prevent muscle loss. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to approach this?

What sort pf conditioning can youdo?

I’m ashamed to admit that I have no idea what pf conditioning means.

Running, Prowler, weight vest walking, swimming etc. Anything that gets you sweaty (and maybe out of breath).

I think Tsantos meant that if there is a way to do some conditioning with your injury (such as airdyne cycling), do it. You should be doing something anyway, but now is a good time to push it (in a way you can).

My gym doesn’t have prowlers, weighed vests cost A TON in here. I can do brisk walking to get my heart rate up or some kind of circuit training in the gym. Cycling will be an option again once I get my hip mobility back.

Haha sorry, it was a typo. New phone and I’m still all thumbs with it.

“What sort of conditioning can you do?”

Can you jump rope with your injuries?

I wouldn’t risk anything with an impact that compresses the spine since any kind of heavy-ish loading is off the list as well.

I have upper body training pretty much in order with 5/3/1 bench and pure bodybuilding on the second day but the lower body training is a bit of a mystery still. I was thinking of starting both workouts with seated leg curls and extensions to failure as a pre-exhaustion technique and some light front squats and unilateral leg press etc. after that.

As for conditioning, brisk walking right now is about the only thing I can do 100% safely.

How about brisk walk to the hill? Or the stairs? These give some stimulus to your legs. You could also do lunges in the stairs (with bodyweight of course). The BBlding day sounds good, but something like this could work too. I did lot of lunging when my back was hurt.

Those two are viable options I’ll try out. Lunges at least at first are a part of my warm-up routine to get my legs and hips warmed up and looser.

Are belt squats off-limits?

We do have a chain belt for adding weight to dips and pull-ups so I guess I could try utilizing that with belt squats. I’ll do the pre-exhaustion + light front squat and unilateral leg press work tomorrow and try belt squats on Friday.