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5/3/1 for Beginners

i got two questions. so due to black friday next week I literally won’t be able to hit the gym 3 days that week for 5/3/1 beginners full body. i was planning on starting today friday (as if it was monday) and continue monday and wed but i wont be able to hit any other days during that week because of dumb black friday and will have lack of sleep from thursday to saturday. is starting today a good option or should i wait till monday and start on monday? that would mean i wont be able to do the third day of the program that week.

last question. my squats and deadlifts are both 180. is this high enough to switch to this program?

Yes, you can start this program with any weights. 180lbs is fine.

You could do M/W/Su next week. That’s an option. But if you work out the next Monday (11/26) that may or may not be adequate time to recover. Depends on what you’re doing.

I think it’d be fine to do F/M/W, and then start again next Monday and keep a consistent schedule. It really doesn’t matter. Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of food during those few busy days, and get as much sleep as you can. Spend Sunday trying to recover.

Some of the most common heard things regarding training/fitness/eating:

“I’m getting ready to start program X. I’m just waiting for _________” (fill in with a myriad of excuses).

“I’m going to start eating clean, and here’s my plan. I will begin right after __________” (fill in with any event as an excuse).

Even on a site like this, there are nearly as many threads about what someone is getting ready to do, compared to what someone is doing or done. In a couple of months, are you going to say, “Gee, I’m really glad I held off until the moon was waning and my horoscope was 4 stars before I started my 531 program”.?

Also, why would it ever matter whether you start on a Monday or not? Your body doesn’t know when an arbitrary start of the week is.

Just make sure to have 1 or 2 days off between sessions. If it doesn’t end up being the same 3 days for your training every week, it doesn’t matter. Just consistently put in the sessions over months/years, that’s what matters.

Just start now, don’t worry about it. Hopefully the Black Friday things just a one-off and shouldn’t make a difference in the long-run.

so on
a workout im doing bb rows with tricep pushdown
b workout im doing chin ups with lying tricep extension
a same as first a

what do you guys think? should i add some curls somewhere?

Are these supposed to be accessories for bench?

what do you bench?

As far as i can see the beginners template is ABC template, Jim say do one core or single leg assistance move each workout as well

Adding curls is fine here and there. Personally would chose dips over extensions. Alsof in doubt just do triumvirate -still gets the best feedback of entry level templates

It’s okay, you should consider having a core/single leg movement in your assistance work.

You can do curls if you want, if you can keep the volume of pulling assistance in check. I think the beginners template prescribe one pulling movement though.

im doing abs rollout but i dont know if its enough. what do you recommend? i think its a lot of volume

overall accessories

im doing abs rollout if thats k. but if i add a leg exercise that would be a lot of volume since im doing 100 reps with one push and pull movement

50-100 reps basically means just do one exercise for 5x10 or 5x20 its really not that big a deal. One day do abs the next lunges, the next a different ab move etc


Dude, just get each major muscle group fatigued with as much blood flow to the muscle as possible and repeat, eat well and rest. That simple. You can fine tune later.

so i made a mistake when calculating my 1rep max for 5/3/1 beginners on squats. typed way more than what i could do and went and did the first workout with the program and it was heavy. i did however finished everything else (i did bench with correct 1rep max). what should i do for the third workout of the first week? should i adjust to what its suppost to be and disregard the first workout for squat and continue? or go a bit lower in weights so next week workout will be = to this week? sorry for my english.

also should i eat less to maintain weight since this happened?

If you completed the reps and feel you could continue on adding weight and completing the sets, then stay the course.
Remember that the whole point of following a program to gain strength is that it’s gunna get heavy, and it’s going to be hard.
It shouldn’t feel easy after the first few cycles if you’re at that point

If you feel like you would fail to progress, recalculate and % and start a fresh next week with the new numbers

And no, don’t eat less to maintain weight unless you’re trying to recomp or lose weight.
If you’re trying to get bigger and stronger, then you have to be eating to support your goals

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hey well this might sound with but i started this friday as first week because i had nothing else to do so it will be friday monday and wed for the first week so my question is, for wed should i adjust squat (i felt it heavy) to the number i was really suppost to do or keep the same?

If it’s too heavy for you then back off to where it should be. Jim’s programs are about the long term gains over short term gains. If you back off you will progress longer. If you stay really heavy you will stall quicker. That’s how the program works. I would personally back down on the weight and work your way back up. He even says to do this when your progress stalls later in the program.

Things will get heavy though as you progress.

You should only be using 90 % of your actual max not your actual max