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5/3/1 for Beginners, Still Do AMRAP Set?


Hi all, i’ll keep this short … i’m about to start 5/3/1 for Beginners

Had a quick question regarding reps. Even with the FSL 5x5 sets, do i still do the + (amrap) set on the third and final set ?


It depends on how you feel that day. Feeling good then go for it. Try to set your PR on this set. Focus on this set and once completed worry about the FSL set after. Don’t try to save for the FSL. Work hard on the + set.


Thank you!


The real answer might depend on what your definition of a beginner is. If you would benefit more from practicing form then no AMRAP set since bad form will get even worse as your maxing out reps. For a true beginner I wouldn’t even recommend this program at least for a few months, there are others that are even simpler to help get used to all the movements.


Can you provide some examples please ?