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5/3/1 for Beginners as a Teen, What Exercises on Conditioning Day?


Im 17yo and i started recently 5/3/1 for beginners. And I want to do conditioning on my off days because I want to become more athhletic.

I dont know what exercises to do though. There are almost no hills to sprint here and in my gym there are only aerodyne bikes,treadmills and rowing machines.

I was thinking of doing rowing sprints but i dont think thats enough. I want to workout at least 50min per day,5 times per week (2x conditioning,3x strengthh training)

What do you recommend?

why 50 mins exactly 5 days a week? On offdays you can play sports or go for a run, bike ride, vest walk or do some complex if you really want to go to the gym. 50 mins of rowing is alot,

What’s wrong with the bike?

Aerodyne Bikes are great, as are rowers. Treadmills can work too.

Here are three options - you can do each one once a week and hit your lower body quite well. I’d really recommend doing this.

Also these:

That last one is by Jim Wendler, so it may line up well with what you’re looking for.

I wouldn’t plan on (hard) conditioning taking 50 minutes. Do easy conditioning 3-5 days a week - walking is phenomenal and often overlooked, a steady bike ride, either outdoors or at the gym, swimming, etc.

Do hard conditioning like the above articles 2-3 days a week.

I dont really mean to conditioning for full 50 minutes. But on off days i still wanna go to the gym and do conditioning + other stuff.

Idk what conditioning to do though. Treadmill sprints,rowing sprints/erg sprints or aerodyne bike.

Nor i know what to do after conditioning on off days

Aerodyne or rowing machine?

And also, i dont mean to do 50 min of conditioning but like do 20-30 minutes of conditioning and workout lightly in the other 20 minutes but idk what to do.

Maybe more assistance work?

I usually do pushups,pullups,barbell rows,dips and bicep curls on strength days. Should I do it also on off days?

Buy the forever book, it will tell you how to include conditioning.

what does it matter which you choose? do one thing one day, something else the other, why not? One day you can do the rower, then another bike etc etc
Doesnt really matter unless your goal is be better at rowing and not getting strong?

If you read the first article I attached, it has three options: bike, rower, and treadmill. A good option, like I said, is doing each one once a week. This adds up to three hard(er) conditioning sessions a week, which is what you want.

I’d just try that out for a few weeks. Then you’ll know if it works for you, and how you like it.

Do that stuff (the harder stuff) then do some band pull-aparts (like 100-200 reps), some stretching/mobility, and go for a walk if you just want to be at the gym longer.

Like I said, walking is awesome and very overlooked because it’s not “intense”.

Some pull-aparts will take nothing out of you for your big lifting days, but will just add in some upper back/rear delt work that we all need.

Stretching/mobility is needed in everyone, especially in the hips and shoulders. Rotating between sitting in a “third world” squat and doing some shoulder dislocates a few times would suffice, or you could do a specific sequence of stuff, like DeFranco’s Agile 8.

I think if you want to do any assistance work on your off days, I’d limit it to chinups and pushups. No need to lift weights, then it’s not an off day.

Jump rope

You want to do too much, i was like you when i was a beginner, too much don’t lead to maximum muscle gain. Keep your day off easy, as a natural guy, your muscle need to recover from heavy work !

Do something light, like walking, bike ride or any sport…

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